Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee
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American Indians in Tennessee government volunteer service
TN Archaeological Advisory Council
mandated 3 Native American representatives
  • Michael Lynch, West Tennessee (2008-12)
         member, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma
  • Pat Cummins, Middle Tennessee (2004-08)
         descendant, Cherokee
  • Mark Cantrell, Middle Tennessee (2010-14)
         unknown tribal affiliation
  •   TN Historical Commission
    mandated inclusion of person/s
    of Native American ancestry

  • Brent A. Cox (2008-2012)
    444 Cades Atwood Road
    Milan, Tennessee 38358

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    TN Commission of Indian Affairs
    Website of the (defunct) TCIA * History of the 1st & 2nd TNCIA

    Greene (CNO) v. TCIA   filed 30 June 2010
    Commission terminated     30 June 2010

    Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee

    Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee
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    past qtr TNNAC expenses

    $ 381.43 - 17 October 2009 balance

    - $     6.20 postage to former TNNAC Secretary Van Lynch
    - $ 234.50 Hamilton County Chancery Court costs for Tammera Hicks vs TNNAC
                       to force TNNAC to give her 'Indian Preference'
    - $  40.00 annual report & change of registered agent
    - $ 280.70 costs

       $ 100.73 remaining TNNAC balance - 13 February 2010

    Nb: TNNAC's quarterly meetings and minutes are open
    and accessible and transparent to the public.

    re: transparency

    "TNNAC's quarterly meetings and minutes are open
    and accessible and transparent to the public."

    The only thing transparent about TNNOT's meetings is their total disdain of their own standing rules & bylaws, and their lack of ethical and equitable treatment towards those who aren't 100% pro-CONfed!

    re: transparency

    Dale M.
    "TNNAC's quarterly meetings and minutes are open
    and accessible and transparent to the public."

    The only thing transparent about TNNOT's meetings is their total disdain of their own standing rules & bylaws, and their lack of ethical and equitable treatment towards those who aren't 100% pro-CONfed!

    No ****ed doubt!!!!!!!!!!! (even if ya typed "TNNOT" instead of "TNNAC" )

    re: transparency

    So what you're saying is, the only thing transparent are their methods and their intentions.

    TNNOT it is, these days!

    TNNAC - as originally conceived - stood for the Tennessee Native American Convention - and was to be inclusive of federally-recognized, state-recognized and non-status descendants and supporters of American Indians who were to work together for the betterment of ALL Tennessee Indians by serving as an impartial election commission for the Tennessee Commission of Indian Affairs (and, incidentally for ACTIA, and TNNAC itself).

    What it has become is an entity controlled by the Confederation of Tennessee Native Tribes & their supporters. It is NOT representative of the greater Tennessee Indian populace, it does NOT promote goodwill among federal, state & non-status Indians, it does NOT promote fair & impartial elections, and it does NOT even follow its own standing rules & bylaws!

    Therefore, TNNAC is now TNNOT, and it canNOT be trusted in any way, shape, or form.

    re: transparency

    Same ole shyt ! Just different people, ennit

    TNNAC secretary complains about predecessors' incompetence

    At yesterday's TNNAC Board meeting, then-TNNAC-Secretary Ramona Reece complained about the total disarray of TNNAC records and complained that TNNAC was "missing 3 years of minutes" and the charter.

    She also complained that her letter to past secretaries requesting unidentified "missing records" went unanswered.

    When asked what minutes specifically were missing, she identified the minutes of 18 January 2009 which are, indeed, missing from her TNNAC minutes webpage,, not "3 years of minutes". My records show the minutes of 18 January 2009 were completed on 9/29/09 and posted to the website (minutes-09jan18.html) for TNNAC Board review prior to the 18 October 2009 meeting, at which they were to have been approved by the TNNAC Board.

    When Reece complained that TNNAC didn't even have a copy of TNNAC's charter, kunesh informed her that TNNAC's charter, filed with the Secretary of State after their initial signature in november 2002, was its original (unamended) Bylaws, located at

    Yesterday's TNNAC Secretary's report lasted from 12.44 to 3.10pm. Minutes reviewed and approved include

    19 July 2009 mtg
    17 October 2009 regular mtg minutes
    5 December 2009 Special Called Mtg (Memphis) minutes
    5 December 2009 Convention (Memphis) minutes

    TNNAC Secretary Ramona Reece reported that she had sent draft copies of the minutes and the secretary's report out to all current members at the time, but not to members-elect. To date, after an initial letter sent 1 february 2010, and now 26 hours after yesterday's meeting started, Reece has still not provided TNNAC Board member tom kunesh with a copy of the minutes discussed at yesterday's meeting.

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