Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee
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  • Pat Cummins, Middle Tennessee (2004-08)
         descendant, Cherokee
  • Mark Cantrell, Middle Tennessee (2010-14)
         unknown tribal affiliation
  •   TN Historical Commission
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    of Native American ancestry

  • Brent A. Cox (2008-2012)
    444 Cades Atwood Road
    Milan, Tennessee 38358

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    Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee

    Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee
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    Re: Wow, speaking of having a "Messiah complex"!

    Two Dogs
    Two Dogs
    Anti-Indian or Anti-Wannabe Hecklers ?
    Thu Jan 7, 2010 6:14am

    "This Board is Strictly For Tennessee Indians and Their Supporters. Please Be Respectful of This"

    Indians have always acknowledged and given support to other Indians no matter what state they live in. So who is that decides who is a Tennesse Indian and Their Supporters". Can you be an Indian from Tennessee who moved to another state ? Can you be an Indian from another state who moved to Tennessee ? Can you be state recognized from another state ? Can you be federally recognized from another state ?. Can two state recognized Indians support each others views and opinions on this board ? Can Two fedreally recognized Indian support each others views and opinions on this board ?

    Or is that when an Indian has views and opinions that differ from yours that you want to apply this rule. Do we have history repeating itself. Tom Kunesh did the exact same thing with his board. His rule was don't "piss off the moderater". If your views and opinions differed from ****** him off. One hell of an attitude for a commissioner...wouldn't you say.

    Her reply to my post was........

    That's right Two Dogs
    Thu Jan 7, 2010 10:30pm

    This board is for Tennessee BORN Indians and for supporters of these Tennessee BORN Indians.
    Anyone can differ in opinions and agree to disagree. That is not the case here and I suggest you leave it alone. I will be fair to both sides. But I am sick of this childish naysaying and as this Boards Owner I have an obligation to anyone and everyone who posts here to have the same rights as another without being berated for their differing thoughts or feelings on a given topic.
    Bahahahahahaha. If you dislike this board then I suggest you exercise your free right and go post elsewhere.

    And if you haven't noticed, I haven't censored anyone!

    Tennessee Born......Whats up with that ? Truly a double standard. I mean she sponsors a pow wow here in Chattanooga in April and has done so for the two pervious years. Out of sate drum, out of state color guard, out of state arena director,out of state dancers. I wonder if she plans to stand at the gate and turn away the ones who were not born in Tennessee. Or is that different ?

    My OPINION is that a message board's 'owner' can make whatever arbitrary rules they want - they created and maintain their board (or list). Some folks don't want cussing. Others don't want undocumented pretenders. Some will let most anything go, but almost all won't tolerate being bad-mouthed.

    Regarding the requirement to be a TN-BORN 'indian' - them NOT-TN-born Federally recognized participants, paid or not, just need to stay the hell outta Tennessee then. Someone should do them a favor and let them know what's thought of them by those hosting the powwow. They're apparently being used to "show" how "Indian" the powwow is ... but since they aren't BORN here, they aren't "real indians'.

    GAaah! Sorry but that made absolutely no sense, even as i typed it! LOL BUT ... someone should do the participants a favor; show them comments made about "out-of-state" Federally Recognized (or not) Indians. Let the participants decide (when they have all the info presented to them) whether or not they want to be part of things in Chattanooga.

    And yeah, all those NOT BORN IN TENNESSEE need not attend the thing either. That way there's no difference; no discrimination.

    I know of several people who've posted and have had their posts repeatedly removed because the people posting were asking questions or making comments about the double-standards, the legislation, and giving their own perspective from a federally-recognized view.

    Speaking of which, it's true what was said:

    Indians have always acknowledged and given support to other Indians no matter what state they live in.

    and is in keeping with what David Cornsilk said too:

    When someone claims to be Indian and NOT ONE INDIAN in the community steps up to say, "That's my cousin," then you know you got a wannabe." David Cornsilk

    Sooo .... when the Kornfused Kulture Klub and related Associates are NOT RECOGNIZED in OR out of the State of Tennessee as being "Indian" .... you'd think they'd take the HINT.

    Re: Wow, speaking of having a "Messiah complex"!

    I'm guessing Lee Vest is welcome to post there even though he is not Tennessee-BORN! Yet, he's leading a "tribe" to get state-recognition--makes absolutely no sense to me.

    Re: Wow, speaking of having a "Messiah complex"!

    Exactly!! Nothing about the Kornfused Kulture Klub and Associates makes ANY sense .... well, except to them ......... and what does THAT say about being only-born-in-TN 'indians'?!! Much like is already said (stereotyped) about the south. Not true for all but the clowns tend to make things bad for ALL, not just their own group(s).

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