Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee
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American Indians in Tennessee government volunteer service
TN Archaeological Advisory Council
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  • Michael Lynch, West Tennessee (2008-12)
         member, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma
  • Pat Cummins, Middle Tennessee (2004-08)
         descendant, Cherokee
  • Mark Cantrell, Middle Tennessee (2010-14)
         unknown tribal affiliation
  •   TN Historical Commission
    mandated inclusion of person/s
    of Native American ancestry

  • Brent A. Cox (2008-2012)
    444 Cades Atwood Road
    Milan, Tennessee 38358

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    Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee

    Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee
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    Re: Re: Tom re: Weshok re: Tom re: Weshok re: Tom

    >What you say about the politics probably is true, finding weakness is the
    >name of the game as you should know. You've had control of your destiny on
    >this political game from the beginning; you chose to take the road in which
    >you are now.

    in part. it's not a real game if any one party has control over the whole game.
    not all elements of the game, including the players, are chosen.

    >Again, you are trying to blame others for your inability to provide
    >documentation of your "Indian" preference YOU chose to identify as such.

    not at all. i don't "blame" anybody for the documentation that i have provided to several parties, including TNNAC, NAIA, several commissioners and other third-parties. and there's no "inability to provide documentation". the documentation is there. i have my copy. others say they have documentation that shows otherwise and are eager to provide it ... but what 'they' once provided is obviously bogus (and undefended), ... and nothing else has been presented.

    >their ridicule comes from your own inability to provide proof while
    >expecting others to tote the line you’ve set up.

    'their ridicule' is name-calling and posing. no content, thus essentially worthless.
    i have shown proof to several parties. opponents here have themselves seen proof.
    i see no reason to provide anything else when there's no valid challenge.
    i expect nobody to toe any line apart from the one they set for themselves.
    if they provide information they consider true, i expect them to be able to
    support it. so far they haven't been able to do that.

    >In using text taken straight from an application you submitted, you give use
    >your mothers enrollment as the reason for preference instead of your own CDIB.


    >The above application does not mention YOUR cdib.

    correct. i don't have a CIB or CDIB to mention.

    >I think you enjoy the controversy.

    i enjoy the game, and the irony. part of it is also public service: so long as they
    have one tarbaby to smack, it occupies at least part of their their time and venom.

    >If you are able to go thru all the trouble to provide information about your
    >mother being enrolled including CDIB then you should be able to go thru all
    >the hoops to get a CDIB for yourself to end of all this madness.

    it's not madness. it's just a prolonged, slowly progressive call & response,
    jostling each other for position.

    >But then again just because your mother has a CDIB
    >doesn’t necessarily mean you have the ability to obtain a CDIB.

    true. and that's a tribal policy.


    Re: Tom re: Weshok re: Tom re: Weshok re: Tom


    You can break down every word I write but it still amounts to a bunch of “nothing” at the same time not resolving a single complaint you have about fraudulent this, misrepresentation that.

    All these people you call your political enemies are of your own creation by not providing CDIB and living off your supposed mother’s identity. You expect all others to live up to your guiding principle at the same time not expecting the same of yourself, why? The bottom line is because you can’t produce or have the BIA create the same documentation being a CDIB.

    Nothing has changed in the Interior’s system since I last posted, it’s still a simple matter of math, subtraction of blood from one person to the next. The truth always prevails and your time will come. The sad part is you’ve made yourself so public that the ultimate embarrassment is coming down the road, you know it, and you feel it.

    Plenty of people, decedents have gotten letters thru the BIA so it’s not like you’d be asking for something that doesn’t already exist. Surely it’s just a form letter they spit out. Since you’ve already got half the battle conquered to submit evidence being the letter you posted on the net, it shouldn’t take that long to obtain a copy to you.

    Instead of giving your opponents more frivolous nonsense to work from, how about you actually compose a response that would actually give credence to your stance of working with Fed Indians. Playing the fence usually has a bad outcome.

    Re: Re: Tom re: Weshok re: Tom re: Weshok re: Tom

    Kathi - i'm trying to understand the purpose of your interest and involvement is with this issue. haven't figured it out.
    - you just butt into local arguments about who's indian when somebody isn't quick enough to prove up?

    my family information was reviewed and verified already, and attested to by tribal members. others whine that they didn't see it, but haven't been able to document any problem with which to challenge the initial validation. the info can be re-verified at anytime by anybody willing to write to Standing Rock.
    there are only two very simple facts at issue here:
    1. my mom is an enrolled member of Standing Rock.
    2. i am my mom's son by blood.
    these two simple statements are either true or false.
    these are basic facts whose truth can be easily checked by any reasonable person.
    my assistance in checking these facts is irrelevant and potentially counter-productive: anybody who doesn't trust my word on the issue now is unlikely to trust any other words or photo reproductions that i submit as proof. the only way for you and others to obtain the quality of assurance that you want is to ground proof the data yourselves without involvement of the party in question, me.

    >The bottom line is because you can’t produce or have the BIA create the same documentation being a CDIB.
    >Nothing has changed in the Interior’s system since I last posted, it’s still a simple matter of math, subtraction of blood from one person to the next. The truth always prevails and your time will come. The sad part is you’ve made yourself so public that the ultimate embarrassment is coming down the road, you know it, and you feel it.

    that's funny. please let me know when you get your responses from checking the facts so i can remind you of your present words.
    if you understand math, you know that division and multiplication are both operations of scaling, each being the inverse of the other. if we're dealing with parent and the parent's natural child, it doesn't matter whose blood-quantum number you obtain since the number of the other person's is truly "a simple matter of math".

    >living off your supposed mother’s identity

    we all live off of our parents' identities: our skin is a product of our supposed parents, our nationality is a product of our supposed parents, our language and religion, our names, all are products of our supposed parents.
    - your supposed point is?

    these "political enemies" are not creations of my lack of producing my mother's enrollment documents. their animosity goes back a decade in some cases, and in others starting with my opposition to the recognition of culture clubs as state tribes. the bottom line is that half of them already know that i'm indian and find it easier and in their own political interest to play dumb, and the other half is hoping that the others' lies are true.

    what "ultimate embarrassment" on this issue is that the truth is at Standing Rock, and for some inexplicable reason, my self-chosen enemies, and apparently you, either refuse to try to access that information, or have obtained the information and refuse to share the results. curious. the claim repeats itself every time they say they Have Something ... and it proves to be false. i don't need credence from anybody but those i work with and already know. anybody else can either do the work themselves or resort to name-calling.

    but hey, if you wanna play the card cop, i'd be happy to meet you in Nashville
    and we can show each other "the ultimate embarrassment".


    Re: Re: Re: Tom re: Weshok re: Tom re: Weshok re: Tom

    Yo chief WTF I know peeps on standing rock thus stop the palaver and get to the point and oh yeah my kin once met you at a so called powwow in the land of andy jackoff and wasnt too impressed with your EGO show but do tell me how you will save all the indians if they follow you

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