Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee
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    Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee

    Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee
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    "Remnant Yuchi Nation" website owner Billy Knuckles

    prior to this incarnation now being referred to as the "Remnant Yuchi Nation", the group was formerly known as the "Appalachian Confederated Tribes". Gotta wonder what they'll next morph into later this year or even next year.

    I thought we all should know whose operating this group. It explains a lot, like why Lee's never around any more. Because Billy is.

    Created On:22-Feb-2008 00:19:38 UTC
    Last Updated On:22-Apr-2008 03:51:14 UTC
    Expiration Date:22-Feb-2011 00:19:38 UTC
    Sponsoring Registrar:Tucows Inc. (R11-LROR)
    Registrant Name:Billy Nuckles
    Registrant Organization:Billy Joe Nuckles
    Registrant Street1:1308 Kingsview Rd
    Registrant City:Kingsport
    Registrant State/Province:TN
    Registrant Postal Code:37660
    Registrant Country:US
    Registrant Phone:+1.4232457403
    Admin Name:Billy Nuckles
    Admin Organization:Billy Joe Nuckles
    Admin Street1:1308 Kingsview Rd
    Admin City:Kingsport
    Admin State/Province:TN
    Admin Postal Code:37660
    Admin Country:US
    Admin Phone:+1.4232457403


    Billy Joe Nuckles
    1308 Kingsview Rd
    Kingsport, TN 37660

    Administrative Contact:
    Nuckles, Billy
    1308 Kingsview Rd
    Kingsport, TN 37660

    --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

    Replying to:

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: tom kunesh
    To: TN Indian Affairs list
    Sent: Thursday, February 05, 2009 3:37 AM
    Subject: [tn-ind] going solo: "Remnant Yuchi Nation" goes for staterecognition on its own

    HB 0333 by *Mumpower - Filed for intro. 02/04/2009

    Naming and Designating - As introduced, extends state Native American Indian recognition with full legal rights and protections to the Remnant Yuchi Nation in the counties of Sullivan, Carter, Greene, Hawkins, Unicoi, Johnson, and Washington. - Amends TCA Title 4.

    HOUSE BILL 333
    By Rep. Jason E. Mumpower (R-Bristol) District 3 — Johnson and part of Sullivan Counties

    AN ACT to amend Tennessee Code Annotated, Title 4, relative to recognition of Native American Indian Tribes, Bands, Groups and Associations.

    WHEREAS, The original inhabitants of North and South America were peoples who became known to European immigrants as Indians and, therefore, the original inhabitants of this state were members of various tribes of American Indians; and

    WHEREAS, These tribes have strongly influenced the heritage of this great State and have left their mark by way of names of rivers, mountains, towns, and counties, by introducing local crops and medicinal herbs, and in countless other ways; and

    WHEREAS, The Native American Indian culture in all its forms is manifested by the year-round Powwows and Festivals held across the country and the completion of the National Museum of the American Indian in the Smithsonian complex in Washington, D.C.; and

    WHEREAS, This has been further manifested within the surrounding states of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama, which have given recognition to Native American Indian Tribes, Bands, Groups and Associations within their borders; and

    WHEREAS, The struggles of the Native American Indian Peoples, including physical confinement, separation of families, suppression of language, traditions and culture as well as pervasive restrictions on arts, crafts, industry and agriculture, have contributed to an economic disadvantage with which the Native American Indian People still contend; and

    WHEREAS, There is an economic benefit to the particular communities wherein the Native American Indians reside because of the ability of Native American Indians to impact positively tourist development, jobs, new economic development incentives, new health care opportunities, new education opportunities and to remove current barriers for Native American Indian Artists and Craft Persons to expand their trade in compliance with Federal law; and

    WHEREAS, Attorney General's Opinion No. 07-21 of 27 February 2007, stated: "Congress has acknowledged that state governments have the authority to recognize Indian tribes." "States have the authority to recognize Indian tribes as long as there is no conflict with federal laws. There is no conflict between Tennessee's recognition law and federal laws."; and

    WHEREAS, The Tennessee Legislature possesses the power to recognize Indian tribes, bands, groups, and Indian associations; now, therefore,


    SECTION 1. Tennessee Code Annotated, Title 4, is amended by adding Sections 2 through 4 as a new chapter thereto.

    SECTION 2. The general assembly hereby extends state recognition with full legal rights and protections to certain Indian-descended entities that have functioned in specific ways over time.

    SECTION 3. An Indian tribe, band, or group is a population of people related to one another by blood through their Native American Indian ancestry and tracing their heritage to a Native American Indian tribe, band, or group indigenous to Tennessee.

    SECTION 4. The general assembly recognizes, for purposes of state Native American Indian recognition with full legal rights and protections, the Remnant Yuchi Nation in the counties of Sullivan, Carter, Greene, Hawkins, Unicoi, Johnson, and Washington.

    SECTION 5. This act shall take effect upon becoming a law, the public welfare requiring it.

    Re: "Remnant Yuchi Nation" website owner Billy Knuckles

    remnant band of gringos seems to me the Yuchi are in OKLA but hey pass the hat for these clowns

    Re: Re: "Remnant Yuchi Nation" website owner Billy Knuckles

    what's even "funnier" and really, it's not 'funny' at all ... is that Billy Joe Knuckles is supposed to be enrolled with the Monacan Nation in Virginia. If that's truly so, what's he doing, being the 'chief' of the "Remnant Yuchi Nation"? The Monacan's have been trying very hard for federal recognition (along with other groups/tribes in Virginia). It just doesn't make sense to me ..... UNLESS his being a member of the Monacan Nation isn't true.

    While searching to find out, I ran across this info - although I don't know if Billy joe Knuckles and the Knuckles family in the info below are related:
    FHL Film 1254321 National Archives Film T9-0321 Page 56 8B ...... It was in my original opinion that these Monacan were actually Freedmen, ...... The Knuckles name change began with son Robert "Bobby" after he left TN for Kentucky ..... Sons: Billy Neal Davis of Mt. Hermon, KY and Steve Davis of Glasgow. ...

    I wonder what the Yuchi have to say/will do about this?!

    Interesting question, Donna.

    I don't think the Euchee/Yuchi would be too happy about anyone taking their name in vain!

    Of course, the Yuchi exist primarily as a segment within the Creek Nation. The state of Oklahoma used to recognize them as an entity to themselves, but I think they did away with state recognition about a year or so ago.

    Re: Yuchee reply

    I could look it up, but I do believe this was discussed last time this came up and there was a statement included from the Uchee/Yuchi/Euchee in Oklahoma that there was no "remnant" of their tribe in Tennessee. Anyway, if anyone remembers it differently, it won't hurt my feelings if you show the exact quotes.

    Re: Re: Yuchee reply

    I haven't seen the Uchee/Yuchi/Euchee "reply" that you mentioned, but I don't doubt its existence. The only true Yuchi I know of in Tennessee is Corky Allen, and I don't think he claims any of those light- skinned, fair-haired folks in Kingsport as kin.


    before long there will be a reply from the Yuchi.

    hmmm ...

    I can't say as I remember such a comment from the Uchee/Euchee/Yuchi ... but that doesn't mean there wasn't a statement from them. In any case, the majority of Yuchi ARE federally recognized - through membership in the Muscogee (Creek) Nation. The MCN recognize them as being Yuchi, within their Nation.

    Re: Re: "Remnant Yuchi Nation" website owner Billy Knuckles

    remnant must mean a bunch of butt monkees get together and reinvent themselves to some BS group and use real Yuchi which are in OKLA or just a bunch of gringos doing what gringos know to do be puytos. And the knuckle head being a monacan well get the popcorn due to that gringo must be needing to turn a buck or dollar LOL

    Re: "Remnant Yuchi Nation"

    "... just a bunch of gringos doing what gringos know to do be puytos."

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