Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee
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American Indians in Tennessee government volunteer service
TN Archaeological Advisory Council
mandated 3 Native American representatives
  • Michael Lynch, West Tennessee (2008-12)
         member, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma
  • Pat Cummins, Middle Tennessee (2004-08)
         descendant, Cherokee
  • Mark Cantrell, Middle Tennessee (2010-14)
         unknown tribal affiliation
  •   TN Historical Commission
    mandated inclusion of person/s
    of Native American ancestry

  • Brent A. Cox (2008-2012)
    444 Cades Atwood Road
    Milan, Tennessee 38358

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    TN Commission of Indian Affairs
    Website of the (defunct) TCIA * History of the 1st & 2nd TNCIA

    Greene (CNO) v. TCIA   filed 30 June 2010
    Commission terminated     30 June 2010

    Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee

    Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee
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    last saturday's Commission of Indian Affairs basic mtg notes

    -= thanks to Jimmie & Ron for pointing out the mistakes and James for the correction. =-

    Quarterly meeting
    Saturday, 17 January 2009, 10am, Family Life Center
    St Ann's Catholic Church, Bartlett (Memphis)

    commissioners present
    - Alice Henry (Memphis)
    - Jimmie Thigpen (West TN)
    - James Meeks (Middle TN)
    - Val Ohle (East TN)
    - tom kunesh (Chattanooga)

    commissioners absent
    - Bill Wells (Nashville) (mother died)
    - Jeanie Walkingstick (Knoxville) (work)

    - Robert Rush, parliamentarian (Memphis)
    - Mark James, TDEC attorney (Nashville)


    1. minutes approved
    2. financial report ($300 balance) approved
    3. 2006-2007 annual report approved

    4. motion to advise all current Commission members who believe they could attain Indian Preference to apply to TNNAC at the earliest possible time to attain such; and request that TNNAC provide the process to all future candidates and possible appointees; and attempt, as they are able based on the candidates available, to fill positions on the Board based on Indian preference.
    approved 3-1-1, secretary to send motion to TNNAC board

    5. motion to request that the TNNAC baord not propose the TNNAC 2005 referendum splitting metros from grand this legislative session.
    3-0-1 approved

    6. motion to submit to the legislature to adopt the resolution on Recognition of TN Historic Tribes as here amended. Chair to seek legislative sponsors.
    approved 3-1-0

    7. motion to add standing rule: Commissioners shall disclose any personal intention to conduct and/or participate in lobbying or legislative efforts that do or may oppose the position of the majority vote of the Commission of Indian Affairs.
    approved 3-0-0

    8. motion to request that legislature declare 28 February "Annual Dragging Canoe Memorial Day".
    approved, unanimous

    9. motion to request that legislature declare 2010 Tanasi/Tennessee Native History Year statewide, with the following focus months:
    a. Yuchi Education Month, january 2010
    b. Muscogee Education Month,february 2010
    c. Chickasaw Education Month, march 2010
    d. Choctaw Education Month, april 2010
    e. Shawnee Education Month, may 2010
    f. Cherokee Education Month, september 2010 (TN NA day)
    (Tennessee American Indian Month, october 2010)
    12 October - Day of Healing
    g. Trail of Tears Month, november 2010 (national NA month)
    (national NA day - after Thanksgiving?)
    approved, unanimous

    10. motion to recommend to the legislature the extension of the Commission of Indian Affair to 2011.
    approved 4-0-1

    11. motion to recommend 4 amendments to Tennessee state law (TCA) for adoption by the state legislature to protect Native American burial items, as amended.
    approved, unanimous

    12. motion to direct the Commission to promote reconciliation and reconnection of individuals with tribes, requiring TNCIA to initiate contact & dialogue with tribes.
    approved 3-1-1

    13. motion to amend previous Resolution of Support and Commendation for Trail of Tears Commemorative Events.
    approved, unanimous

    next scheduled meeting: Saturday, 21 February 2009, Nashville

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