Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee
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  • Mark Cantrell, Middle Tennessee (2010-14)
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    Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee

    Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee
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    democratic Representative Nathan Vaughn DEFEATED

    Republican Tony Shipley's defeat of Rep. Nathan Vaughn, D-Kingsport by about 300 votes according to complete but unofficial returns in the 2nd District.

    For those who aren't familiar, Vaughn supported the "Confederacy" in Tennessee of wanabi "tribes"

    Vaughn bill would allow Yuchi Indian village atop Bays Mountain

    Vaughn is no more .... and I'm also hearing that the "Confederacy" is having its own problems also - as in, it's either fallen apart or has just simply disbanded.

    Anyone else hearing the same ... or maybe something slighty different?

    Veeeeeerrrrry Interesting!

    Even if the "confederacy" falls apart, there wil probably be 3 or 4 "tribes" left in its wake.

    oh no doubt

    there will still be the groups-calling-themselves-'tribes' around ... they just won't/don't have the backing, now that Vaughn is gaughn.

    The other thing to note has been mentioned before - regarding Repug's lack of interest; forget support - for anything related to or about American Indians (federal, that is).

    With Repugs dominating the state's legislature now, I'd 'bet' that the TnCIA won't last - that it will be sunset this next time it's up for review. Funny ... as in ironic ... that the last time the commission was to be reviewed, the "CONFed" group was all for the commission to die. Now that the odds are against the commission's survival AND the "CONfed" group has no more support for their 'venture' with Vaughn's defeat, they'll prolly be hollerin' for the commission to continue ..... so'z they can find another sucker to support their 'venture' (for state-recognition).

    No commission = no state recognition. The Repugs sure won't do it outta the "goodness" of their hearts! (wow, hasn't realized before quite what an oxymoron that was/is! }

    an interestin' toin-ova (turn of) events, eh?!

    Re: oh no doubt

    Definitely! However, I do believe whatever is left of the "confederacy" will be shopping around for some other fool they can get to sponsor a law for their recognition--I don't expect them to go gently into the night.

    Re: oh no doubt

    Donna, I'm confused by what you're saying, so please understand that I'm "speculating" a bit here, but here goes ...

    You feel that, with Vaughn's exodus, the Commission will be exploited by those seeking tribal recognition in Tennessee, so sunsetting an agency that's designed to serve ALL Indians in Tennessee is a good thing.

    Am I understanding you right?

    oh no, definitely not

    LOL Oh my, no! I was NOT saying that, with Vaughn's exodus, the Commission will be exploited by those seeking tribal recognition in Tennessee, so sunsetting an agency that's designed to serve ALL Indians in Tennessee is a good thing.

    Well, actually - in part - yes. With Vaughn's exodus, there might be an attempt to exploit the commission by those seeking state recognition but NO, sunsetting the commission is not necessarily a good thing .... even if it and other organizations that were designed to help/contribute to the purposes and missions of the Commission are being "infiltrated" and "taken over" by those groups that have been seeking state recognition to the exclusion of all else.

    Did that make more sense - or clarify things .... or did I make a bigger mess in explaining?!

    If still a mess, rephrase and I'll re-attempt again? lol

    Re: oh no, definitely not

    No, that clarified what you were saying. Thank you.

    As far as exploiting the commission, that would be a possibility for any of the three categories - federally recognized, state-recognized, or unrecognized. Because the nominees are democratically selected, because the TNNAC seats (caucus officers and delegates alike) are (in theory) democratically selected, the representation on these bodies is going to reflect the majority vote. And, like the recent Presidential election, the election will be determined by voter PARTICIPATION.

    It isn't just about who runs for the Commission. It's about who seeks election to TNNAC, who seeks to be a delegate to the convention, etc.

    Remember when the fellas from the CNO came to the sunset review? Jack Baker knew exactly how many citizens of his nation resided in Tennessee. If they knew the specific count, they had to know who and where they were, and probably knew their ages. So why didn't the CNO spend a postage stamp per age-eligible citizen per quarter to encourage their citizens to get involved, participate in the process, run for the various positions, etc?

    Any group has the same opportunity to organize, participate, and vie for the seats on the commission and on TNNAC. Exploitation of that opportunity is what happens when only one group recognizes and siezes the opportunity. It wouldn't matter if Vaughn won or lost.

    The 2009 elections are right around the corner. So rise up, folks. Organize, participate, run for and win the seats. That's how you make the commission and the process into what YOU think it should be.

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