Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee
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  • Pat Cummins, Middle Tennessee (2004-08)
         descendant, Cherokee
  • Mark Cantrell, Middle Tennessee (2010-14)
         unknown tribal affiliation
  •   TN Historical Commission
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    of Native American ancestry

  • Brent A. Cox (2008-2012)
    444 Cades Atwood Road
    Milan, Tennessee 38358

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    Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee

    Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee
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    newest ANON reply to me: no need to be depressed

    Author: A Proven Native American
    no need to be depressed
    Wed Oct 29, 14:14

    * DonnaS,

    Have you ever stopped and thought that not all people who says their of Native American blood are wannabes, wanting something for nothing?

    Yes of course ... but it's those who are secure in who and what they are who don't post, asking why they can't be 'recognized' so they can earn a living. Those who don't post such things aren't mentioned 'cause their position is already a "given". Ya know?

    * I know what "Depressed in Tennessee" means, some people care enough about their heritage, there's a void seeing all other peoples in the United States, Blacks, Whites, Asians, Spanish, Mulsums, etc. don't have to be recognized by the U.S. government or State?

    Umm ... so you know of "Blacks, Whites, Asians, Spanish, Mulsums, etc." who have to apply for and go through a process with their Nation to properly identify them as being related?!! Dang, when did that start?! As far as I ever knew - and keep in mind I don't live in an area that's big in population or 'hip' enough like so many other places; we don't hear about new things/fads until many decades later here - "Blacks, Whites, Asians, Spanish, Mulsums, etc." only needed to self-identify; no enrollment or membership card required. Dang! Who knew such changes had taken place?!

    Does that mean that all these newly identified and carded "Blacks, Whites, Asians, Spanish, Mulsums, etc." also qualify for gov't-to-gov't relations? Do the "Blacks, Whites, Asians, Spanish, Mulsums, etc." also qualify for all the wonderful commods, public housing and other great "freebies" that American Indians are alleged to get? Are the "Blacks, Whites, Asians, Spanish, Mulsums, etc." the last to get treated equal - or maybe now they're getting even better treatment than the American Indians?! Why do I NOT believe it?!

    * Why only "NATIVE AMERICANS" have to be recognized?

    Think about that question REAL HARD. Take your time. THINK. If-n-when you do, you'll find your answer. In the off-chance you can't figure it out, see some of me comments way below: re Sovereignty.

    * And your wannabe and wanting something can be taken care off easy enough, a person just has to have proof and as for myself, I'm 1/8th Native American and have several other blood lines a bit further back, but as for myself, I don't need to apply for anything due to my having Native American blood, I worked my way though college, earning two degrees, I'm retired after working hard all my life, I don't need money and my wife and I don't free health care and I'm sure there's others out there who wouldn't take a dime from the BIA, etc. Heck, I'd sign a form, keep all your services, could care less.

    And you are like ALL the other SILENT ones out here. Kudos to you for finding and making your own way in the world. Why is it you don't feel "deserving" of recognition? 'Cause it wouldn't do anything more for you than you can do for your ownself? Something else?

    * But, Donna, there's people out there who feels insulted that Native Americans, the true Americans, have to even be recognized at all and feel a void until all Native Americans are recognized as a people, just like Blacks, Whites, Asians, etc. And if you don't understand, I feel sorry for you.

    LOL No reason to be feeling sorry for me, thank you anyway for your 'offer'. Like you, I don't feel sorry for myself and don't expect a handout. I'm special enough in my own right and prolly could sit around crying about how I deserve this-n-that and have never had this-n-that ... but what would it change for me? Not a danged thing except I'd be a lazy-assed bum, sponging off folks for an imagined slight; an imagined "right" I had nothing to do with (being born of ancestry beyond my control).

    The only void folks seem to project is within their own control and within their own means to "fix" without needing someone and/or something OUTside of them to "do" for them. They're no more "deserving" of anything than you or me.

    * Not everyone is a wannabe or wanting services and it would be no problem for Tennessee to recognize Native Americans and simple enough to require proof, etc.

    Yes, not everyone ... but the many who post on the board here and in other places ARE wanting "free services" of one sort or another ... and really, there' nothing "free" nor is what's provided for enrolled American Indians really anything to get excited about EXCEPT - being a recognized member of one's own Nation/Tribe and being a responsible and contributing member!!!

    It also does not and will not prevent the alleged learning about their ancestor's culture, history and even language. That said, a kinship - no matter how close or distant - does not and will not automatically allow anyone nor will it give anyone an automatic "right" to participate. The possible priviledge is earned ... and even then, there is always the potential to still not be given the priviledge.

    It's as simple as this:
    IF someone can PROVE their kinship to folks in whatever Nation/Tribe and thereby enable them to ENROLL, it should be done!!!!
    If folks cannot provide proof and thereby cannot enroll, well ... that's too bad BUT! That does not prevent them from still being a responsible and contributing ALLY/friend/family to the People they're claiming heritage of.

    ¿Comprende? ¿Entiende? Iz I making any sense?

    * Now, lets get to the facts, why is Tennessee one of the few states that won't recognize it's Native American citizens?

    WHY should TN recognize ANYone if the Nation/Tribe does't recognize them?!!!! What would make not being recognized by your own People special?! So many of the same folks demanding recognition also claim they don't wanna be "known by the government" (meaning the federal gov't)... yet they want a State government to "know" them. ?? Where's the logic in that reasoning when tribal enrollment would mean so much more - imho, anyway.

    * Out side of Tennessee interest in Okla. and one or two officals of the Tennessee Indian Commission, you probably know who one is, if your in Tennessee, whose suppose to be helping Native Americans in Tennessee, but spends all their time working against Tennessee Native Americans and preventing the Native American majority from being heard, any ideas why? Could it be green? Word is, the AG will find out.

    Hmmm ... for some reason, I get the feeling you don't know how things are for yourself. Your comments reflect hearsay; not from the horse's mouth kind-of knowing.

    Strong suggestion: Attend a few commission meetings. Get to know each Commissioner. Use your own brain to form your own conclusion(s).

    * Are you even in the State of Tennessee? If so, it's odd being a defender of the BIA and don't seem to want Tennessee Native Americans to be recognized, why is that. Before you answer, "Not all people in Tennessee claiming Native American Blood are wannabe's and wanting freebe services", but the out of state interest and their puppets in Tennessee seem to like to imply most are, wannabe's and wanting handouts............Wrong.

    For the "before you answer" part, you can re-read what I've already said about where I stand / about my views - not what you might have been told.

    As to the first part ... and read this part slowly and carefully, please:
    I am defending the sovereign right of ALL Tribal Governments; of ALL Native Peoples to define and determine for themselves who belongs and who does NOT - even up to and including my ownself.

    Just as this United States and ALL OTHER COUNTRIES have the right to determine their own criteria for citizenship, SO DO ALL NATIVE NATIONS on these Lands.

    * Believe it or not, "Heritage and culture still means more to most people, than the all mighty dollar." Only those who betry their own people, puts the almighty dollar first! (But, the honest wins in the end!)

    Now you've said something we can - pretty much - all agree on, whoever you might be.

    To "Anon"

    "* Out side of Tennessee interest in Okla. and one or two officals of the Tennessee Indian Commission, you probably know who one is, if your in Tennessee, whose suppose to be helping Native Americans in Tennessee, but spends all their time working against Tennessee Native Americans and preventing the Native American majority from being heard, any ideas why? Could it be green? Word is, the AG will find out."

    Geez, this is getting to be an old, unproven, undocumented, untrue statement about people on the Commission.

    The contact information for each of the Commissioners is posted on the official state website and another half-dozen or so unofficial websites including this one. The contact information posted includes all or part of the following: names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses.

    The dates for the meetings are posted on the official website and reminders are distributed through community notices to the owners of all Tennessee-resident-owned message boards and lists.

    There are 8,732 hours during each YEAR that the public has to contact one or more commissioners with their comments, ideas, requests, etc. That's hours when the commission is NOT in a public meeting setting. Additionally, the law requires the Commission to allow public comments as part of each of its meetings, so add another 4 or more hours per year to the 8,732 hours.

    There are not less than three community round table conference calls held between commission meetings where all anyone has to do is pick up a phone, call in, and speak with a commissioner and any other members of the community on the line at the time.

    If you really want to inform yourself thereby making it possible to form your own decisions instead of accepting the opinions of others as your decisions, you could read the blogs of three of the commissioners. We use the blogs to express our own positions and opinions, to keep YOU updated between meetings, and to distribute proposals and other issues for public comment.

    The point is, if the YOU are not contacting the Commissioners, then YOU are preventing YOURSELF from being heard because the Commissioners are doing everything within the limits of their resources to make themselves available to you.

    As far as your allegations that one or two are against "Tennessee Native Americans" or "Native Americans in Tennessee" and that the reason they are allegedly against it is "green" (read money), BULL. In a large, loud, definitive response.

    Not one person seated on the commission is against Indians inside, outside, from or alien to Tennessee. Post specific instances where individuals on the Commission have worked against Indians in this state or give that argument up as the bogus argument it is.

    Not one person on the commission is experiencing any monetary gain from being on the commission. If anything, we're all experiencing a drain on our personal resources and continuing attacks on our personal and professional reputations.

    It isn't getting any of us new or better jobs or any jobs at all, it isn't a paid position, there is no "expense reimbursement" option, there are NO state or federal funds at our disposal, and its treasury is and remains at less than $500, all of which is held in the TDEC accounts and none of which is expendable at the discretion of individual commissioners.

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