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Anecdotes of the Han family

If so, these things are afraid of fire, 'Zuo Shi' should have accidentally knocked over the lantern and ignited the clothes to survive. Cuiyu also took off her ragged coat and ignited it. The two men, one left and one right, protected Duan Sanyu, raised their flame clothes and drove away the man-eating butterflies. Duan Sanyu's exposed arm was bloody, and his long gown was stained red with blood. It seemed that he was badly hurt, and he was able to save his life by virtue of his deep internal force. As soon as Junqi approached Duan Sanyu, he smelled a bad smell. Although the smell of blood was very strong and the smell was very light, ordinary people might not notice it. But Jun Qi has been caught by the cold ice jade since childhood to identify the medicine, and does not use the eyes, but with the smell, the nose is particularly sensitive. My little Qi is really fragrant. Is it sweet osmanthus? It won't be a problem. Ghosts don't dare to come near you. Remembering what Gongsun Tzu had said, his inexplicable words were always some kind of hint. Only then did Junqi discover that before the fire was ignited, the butterfly did not touch his body, but attacked the jade beside him. Fragrance? Are these butterflies afraid of fragrance? But the Zhizhu dressed up should also use the fragrant powder commonly used by women. It's Osmanthus! These butterflies are only afraid of the sweet osmanthus fragrance. So, the stink on Duan Sanyu's body is the smell that man-eating butterflies like, causing them to attack crazily. Jun Qi no longer hesitated, pulled up Duan Sanyu's collar, and started flying to the only pool on the west side of the martial arts training ground, with butterflies swarming behind him. Coming to the pool, Junqi dropped Duan Sanyu into the water. Before Duan Sanyu could react, he fell into the water and made a huge sound. The butterflies seemed to lose their aim and circled over the pool, receding like the tide. At this time, there were noisy voices and lights outside the martial arts training field,warehouse storage racks, and the martial arts people in the village finally arrived. Jun Qi did not stop, step down a little, like a big bird across the night sky, jumped onto the roof, toward the atrium of Hongye Villa. There was no wind, but the huge maple trees in the atrium made a rustling sound, and the red leaves were flying in the night. Junqi remembered that there was a small cabinet at the end of the corridor, which was used to store lamp oil so that it could be added to the lanterns in the corridor. Open the cupboard and take out the jar filled with lamp oil. Tie it up with a rope, put one end of the rags left in your hand into the jar, light the other end, swing the rope and start to turn around, turn around a few times and throw the jar to the top of the maple tree. The broken pot made a clear sound, and the maple tree lit up with a bang. The red and yellow flames covered the whole maple tree in the blink of an eye. The blue and black sky was shadowed into fiery red, industrial racking systems ,push back racking system, and countless red leaves with flames fell one after another, turning into little bits of star debris drifting away. 'Fire trees and honeysuckle flowers' is probably like this. Dan Feng Jian 30 "No!" The screams were earth-shaking, a fragrant breeze blew on his face, and before Junqi could see it clearly, he was punched to the ground. There is a smell of blood on the mouth, probably bite the tongue, eat pain on the face, see stars. But he knew in his heart who he was, and it was this man who put the fishy powder on the target and smeared the rich osmanthus powder on his body to prevent the butterfly from attacking him. The leaves rushed to the maple leaves crazily with the wind and beat the flames with their long gowns. Unfortunately, it was only a drop in the bucket. The whole maple leaf burned its remaining life. Because of the fire here, some Wulin people who rushed to the martial arts training ground came here. The people in the village also shouted to go to the water, and the servants rushed over with buckets and face plates. Jun Qi won't let those people put out the fire. Cuiyu also ran to come, "little thirteen, what's going on?". Why not put out the fire? Jun Qi did not answer, but took a half-burned'maple leaf 'and handed it to Cuiyu. Cuiyu took a look, where is the maple leaf, it is a red-winged butterfly. He felt a pain in his hand and was bitten by a butterfly. Yes This is.. Looking at the flaming butterflies flying all over the sky, Cuiyu was stunned. This tree is their nest! The red leaves I usually see are actually butterflies. When Ye Suifeng saw that it was useless to beat him, he turned aroun