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The fluttering of the wife's sultry look

Huo Zhen's little girl is very cute. A few years ago, many people on the Internet ridiculed Mrs. Huo for having plastic surgery. Now, seeing that she is almost the same as Mrs. Huo, are those media people who are full of food going to say that our little Feifei has also had plastic surgery? Are those people going to be slapped in the face? How's it going? Does it hurt? Some media hold a pen in their hands and think they are invincible in the world? When you see someone beautiful, you say she has plastic surgery? Drugstore Green Lotus Bar. [The male God is mighty. I didn't expect that he could really cook. Our male God wife must have saved the galaxy in her previous life. Only then did she meet such a good man as the male God. The man who can cook is so handsome.] [Zhou Mingxi, my new generation of male gods, you are the best.] Broadcast on the second day, the network platform first broadcast, the following comments are like a surge in general, of course, for the silence of several male stars brought a second wave of heat, they still have the ability to continue to be popular once, it depends on whether they can seize the opportunity. At the very beginning of the broadcast, in addition to Zhou Mingxi and Huo Zhen's Huo Feier, the remaining three children were bombarded by netizens. However, after half of the program, several children and Zhou Mingxi were playing harmoniously, which made all the fans who bombarded turn the wind. Of course, the words of these netizens were not fierce or vicious. After all, all the bad plots of some children have been cut out. Children, born in a wealthy family, if put in the mountain village environment,mobile racking systems, everyone will inevitably not adapt, not to mention children, even adults will be confused. Some people with vicious words on the Internet will always be United and besieged by netizens. There are many rational spectators. You care so much about an adult and a child. You are even worse than a child. Vicious words are the problem of virtue. Seeing the comments and dissatisfaction of some netizens, Zhou Zhun also sent a micro-blog. Zhou Zhun V: I hope the friends who watch the program will treat them rationally. After all, they are children. Not to mention them, even when I first arrived there, I was a little uncomfortable. And to tell the truth, several children are very good. Children who can endure this kind of environment,heavy duty cantilever racks, who can say that their parents failed in education? The child is the treasure in the palm of the parents, heart meat, only parents can understand this kind of mood, standing in my point of view, naturally also hope that Xiaoxi can live a comfortable and rich life, life will not be burdened by money. So I hope you can treat the children with tolerance. They have grown up a lot. This micro-blog sent out, the voice of reprimand on the network gradually subsided, no way, although the male God retired from acting for many years, but the male God fan group is still strong, there are many Daniel who are proficient in network computers, if you really continue to slander and reprimand those children wantonly on the network, the male God fan group Daniel may not give you human flesh out. It's not something that hasn't happened before, and it seems to be a big deal. The fan who was brought out by human flesh almost killed the girl of a male God's fan group, and ended up in disgrace. Even the police got involved. The fifth program has achieved unprecedented success, the ratings remain the first in the same program time period, heavy duty metal racks ,warehouse pallet racks, and Tong Haotian, who has been silent for many years, has also received several invitations to play, as have other male stars, only Zhou Zhun here, although there is a suitable script, but he has never agreed, but recommended suitable candidates for those directors. When you meet the right script, you can go to have a drama addiction. You don't have to play the leading role. You can also be a guest star. Qi Jing is some do not understand Zhou Zhun, other stars retired for many years to come back will always be very difficult, he is good, every year a lot of phone calls come in, all have been rejected. Xiaoyu will soon start school, the company there can not be short of people, I have to go to the top, time is already less, if you go filming again, where there is time to accompany you. Besides, our family is not short of money, and I don't care about the undeserved reputation, and there is no need to continue to stay in the entertainment industry. In those years, we all held a press conference to say that we had retired from a