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Flowers bloom in ten years

The autumn wind is getting colder and colder. Yu Lele put down the phone to close the window and saw a boundless burning cloud in the sky outside. Surging and spectacular red, in the distance we can not reach-there is always something beyond our ability, can not be changed. By this time, Yu Lele finally knew that everything about the past, the laughter of his youth and the flying skirts and feet, would eventually pass away. Those love, those memories that are not willing to lose, will fade one day. Those who think that love can be unforgettable, the original, or the enemy of "time.". However, because once in love, she can almost meet the other side of the phone, Xu Chen's pain will be how deep. Because of that kind of pain, as well as such as the throat, bloody wounds-all of this, she has not experienced? In those dark nights, she dreamed of him countless times, that he stood in front of her and turned away without saying a word. Such a simple scene, she can be afraid to wake up. But wake up to know: he has already gone away, all the fear and speculation, from now on she can only carry a person. At that time,shuttle rack system, she may not have thought that today, she would stand next to a person, no regrets to hold her hand, give her warmth and love. Those powers, like gurgling fountains, do not dry up. So, Xu Chen, I can only wish you to find your own happiness. Maybe she is not the one you have been longing for,asrs warehouse, but she will be the one who is most suitable for you. Because there is really nothing that can defeat time. Because, our past life's involvement, this life's miss, as well as the endless miss, have been settled. The dust has settled, so you can't regret it any more. Fanwai · Dust Settled (C-1) Lian Haiping finally returned from the remote countryside, Yu Lele has not yet had time to see him, Lian Haiping colleagues have informed her to meet at the military hospital. His colleague is afraid that she is anxious, still added a few words: "Do not have important matter, have a fever namely." Have a fever? Yu Lele was startled: wasn't she fine when I called the night before? Why do you suddenly have a fever? Fortunately, there were very few courses this semester, and Yu Lele rushed from the school to the military hospital. Walking in the campus and meeting Tong Dingding, the little girl was very happy to run from a distance to say hello: "Elder Martial Sister!" Yu Lele had no time to talk more and explained while running: "I have something urgent to play with you next time!" Tong Dingding looked at Yu Lele's nervous back, and his eyes were surprised-it seemed that he seldom saw such a flustered elder sister. Half an hour later, Yu Lele jumped out of the taxi and went straight to the military hospital, wire mesh decking ,industrial racking systems, looking for at least three wards, and finally found Lian Haiping in the fourth room. In the quiet room, Lian Haiping lay there with his eyes closed, looking very haggard. Yu Lele walked over gently, feeling a little sour in his heart: "Is this a business trip?"? Why is the whole person thin and out of shape? Is there no food to eat-impossible ah, he went to several villages and towns which are even poorer than Daiyang and Jinzhai? Just thinking about it, Lian Haiping woke up. Seeing her, he suddenly grinned: "Wife, are you here?" He winked. "Not a hallucination, is it?" Yu Lele laughed and said, "I thought you were so sick. It seems that you are all right." She took him by the hand, smiled, and complained, "Look at this sweat." Yu Lele sat down beside Lian Haiping's bed and finally took a breath. Seeing her so nervous, Lian Haiping felt very warm in his heart. He held her hand tightly and looked at her: "I'm all right, but I'm too tired." As he spoke, the colleague who had sent Lian Haiping to the hospital came in. He was also a young man in his twenties. When he saw Yu Lele, he laughed: "Ah, sister-in-law is here?"? I'm glad you're here. It's all our fault. How can you let a newly married Comrade go on a business trip. Worried all the way, finally fell ill! As he spoke, he looked at Lian Haiping and smiled. Lian Haiping stared at him: "Song Xiaofeng, when I see your wife, there is no good fruit for you to eat!" Song Xiaofeng said goodbye to Yu Lele with a smile: "I have to go back to the unit, so I won't be in the way here. Sister-in-law, how much trouble you take." He got up to leave, Yu Lele sent him out, while walking out because of his words and some faint worry.
Worried-did she not know why he was worried? Although she always heard him on the phone every night, she knew that Lian Haiping had found too lit