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Queen's Policy (1)

yuan Yingying turned to Du Zhaowei and said, "Brother Du, this moon cake is so delicious. Let's take some back to Sister Du." Sister Du, that is to say, their little daughter Baoyue. Everyone knows that the long princess is "crazy" and is not surprised. All right, listen to you. Du Zhaowei took out a handkerchief to wipe the debris on her lips, and he swept me and the emperor out of the corner of his eye. "Zhaowei," said Tianhuan, "have you brought your new fan?" Du Zhaowei slowly drew out a fan and said, "Your Majesty, please." Tian Huan said, "It's too dark here. Please accompany me to the painting hall to appreciate it." He nodded slightly to me: "The queen continues to enjoy the moon here." Du Zhaowei followed him cautiously and smiled at me. Since the fall of the Zheng family, it seems that there is no longer an obvious party struggle in the court. The king of Zhongshan was appointed as Taifu. He had been in politics for a long time. He was kind and respected. Cui Senggu was an honest and upright official. He had a good reputation in Luoyang, but he made no mistake in Chang'an. Du Zhaowei's governance of Jingzhao was highly praised. But the king of Zhongshan, Cui, Du, and I are distant enough,tile trim factory, the court, not Tianhuan told me, is such as Ya relayed to me. I stood up with a smile and turned to change clothes. Behind the screen, Ruya is waiting for me. I spread out my hands. "Did you check?" "Yes." When Ruya smiled, she looked like a doll and your son. Small round lotus half body next to the screen of Phnom Penh clouds, smiling at him. I coughed, and she pouted and looked at me angrily before she disappeared. Xie Ruya said in a low voice,stainless tile trim, "I examined the body of the cat and buried it in a gold nanmu box in the backyard.". Mrs. Yang's new maid's cat died of poisoning. It's a small amount of poison for people, but it's enough to kill a kitten. I covered my lips with a fan. "Well, that's what I thought.". The women in the new palace are not familiar with the earth, so they can only feed the cat with the cakes discarded under the porch. But it can not be said that Mrs. Yang's illness is definitely related to this poison. Who on earth is trying to harm her? Feng Er told me that Mrs. Yang did not find anything unusual there, because there were rumors everywhere that Mrs. Yang was not liked by me and the emperor, and almost no one visited her there.. Ruya's eyes rolled and her lips were as smooth as petals. "Liu arrived in Beijing tonight. If his mother hadn't been ill, why would he have come?"? "The emperor did not allow him to come to Lushi's funeral." "He's here?" I fan my face. Ruya nodded. At the mention of yuan Liu, he was no longer as angry and contemptuous as he had been two years ago, but had a pensive expression. Tianhuan took me to the northwest with three thousand imperial guards, led by the old general Zhangsun. In the capital, the king of Zhongshan, the seven kings, aluminium tile trim profiles ,aluminum tile trim, Du Zhaowei and Cui Senggu stayed behind. Mrs. Yang has direct or indirect contact with four people. Du Zhaowei was the son-in-law of Lady Yang, and the seven kings were the sons of Lady Yang. I also found that the King of Zhongshan was snubbed by the late emperor, but was re-employed when Lady Yang was favored. Perhaps Lady Yang also had contacts with him. Cui Senggu is a Zhou's teacher, and his daughter is a Zhou's foster sister. I took a breath. The sound of autumn was imprisoned by the palace wall, depressed and low. I stretched my fan under the shadow of the moon and caught the moonlight on the golden painted fan: "She.." I shook my head. "Ruya, do you think the emperor knows something about Mrs. Yang's illness?" "The emperor seems to have frequently mobilized troops outside Chang'an recently.". Northwest, southwest basically subsided, what should the emperor do. Don't you know? Ruya took the fan in my hand, closed it and unfolded it: "So my sister's fan is painted with red beans." I didn't know Tian Huan was moving troops. Maybe he was too busy to tell me, maybe. "I must tell him about it," I decided. I'm going to the northwest, and you take care of yourself in the capital. Ruya smiled and looked straight at me. "Be careful, sister.". The northwest wind is strong, and I have a lingering fear of the strong wind of a dragon king. I was so dumb that I couldn't laugh. Dragon King? I have grown up, and I must have changed. It was my first trip since I became queen, so for a few days, I was pretty excited. I am eager to see the northwest scenery, where I heard that the stars in the night sky seem to be touc