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God King of the Ten Directions Author: Sleepy Dragon ( [Fantasy Novel])

"The seventh in the list of the imperial city." He whispered in his heart. He had been in the imperial city for several days, and he had naturally heard people say that the list only included the top ten young strong people in the imperial city, and that the age of the strong people on the list could only be between sixteen and twenty years old. This Lengfeng also looks like eighteen, can be ranked seventh in the list of wind and cloud, the strength of the strong can be seen. Pedal, pedal, pedal. In the distance, the sound of hooves sounded, and a soft sedan came from one side, which attracted the attention of many people. When the curtain of the sedan chair was pulled open, many people's pupils were wide open. Granddaughter of General Ji Lao! "The first proud girl in the imperial city, the sixth in the list of wind and cloud, this one is also here!" "So beautiful!" "Speaking of which, why did this proud girl come here today?" "Maybe I'm also here to see the new students of the Imperial Court." "Impossible!"! There is such a scene in the Imperial Court every year, but this one has never appeared. Many people's eyes shine, staring at Ji Yu, at the same time, there are many people feel strange, because the first beauty of the imperial city does not belong to the North Yandi Court, usually rarely go out, not very attentive to many things, how today unexpectedly appeared at the gate of the Imperial Court? This makes most people feel strange. Have to say, Ji Yu appeared, immediately overwhelmed the limelight of Lengfeng, at this time, almost everyone's eyes fell on the side of Ji Yu, even some imperial city celebrities are no exception. Ji Yu reached out of the sedan chair and glanced back and forth, as if looking for something. Soon, she saw Lin Tian, one of the more than two hundred freshmen. Then she smiled at Lin Tian and waved. Lin Tian became a little embarrassed in an instant. Day, the first proud girl in the imperial city, it seems. Who are you waving at?! "Who is it?"! To have such an honor! "It looks like one of the freshmen. Who is it?" Many people stared at more than two hundred freshmen. Next to the middle-aged man, Lengfeng glanced at Ji Yu in the distance,Ozone generator ceramic plate, and his eyes fell on more than two hundred freshmen, glancing at Lin Tian. Lin Tian immediately felt a look full of oppression, looked up and saw Lengfeng looking at him indifferently, which made him frown. Be in at this moment, that middleaged person opens a mouth again: "All people, make 5 column, go to beastcast demon ridge! Go to beastcast demon ridge!" Listening to the voice of the middle-aged man, more than two hundred freshmen moved together, and soon stood in five rows, led by five old disciples such as Lengfeng, walking towards the Beast Demon Ridge. In the crowd, Lin Tian looked back and looked in the direction of Ji Yu. Seeing Lin Tianwang coming, Ji Yu looked a little happy and waved to Lin Tian again. Lin Tian immediately knew that Ji Yu had come for him. This rhythm is a little strange. Lin Tian muttered that although he had saved Ji Yu, the other party should not have done this. Where did he know that although Ji yuanshan had never said to Ji Yu that he was naked, Ji Yu had witnessed everything by himself at that time. As the first pride of the imperial city, Ji Yu has attracted the attention of millions of people, Ceramic Bobbin ,cordierite c520, but she is a very traditional girl. Since then, her heart has been branded with the pale face at that time. In the crowd, another person noticed this scene, and it was Leng Yitong. **** Leng Yitong gnashed his teeth and stared at Lin Tian. Lin Tianxiu has a soul formula, and his perception is extremely strong. In an instant, he noticed Leng Yitong's eyes. He slanted his head, glanced indifferently at Leng Yitong, and then turned his head sideways again. For Lin Tian's performance, Leng Yitong was angry again and always felt that Lin Tian looked down on him. Little *******, you wait! Leng Yitong scolded in a low voice, with a quick flash of cold light in his eyes. More than two hundred freshmen walked together in the streets of the imperial city, with gentle but powerful steps, causing a rhythmic sound. On the street, countless pedestrians have made way for more than two hundred people, staring at the two hundred freshmen, many people's eyes are shining, because the two hundred people are the absolute genius of Beiyan country! Lin Tian, along with the freshmen, crossed the streets one by one and soon walked out of the gate of the imperial city. Beiyan Empire Freshman Examination! "These guys look so energetic!" "Nonsense!"! Empire hundreds of cities, endless population, to select so more than two