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Li Liang-Emperor Tianqi

Before long, the yellow paper had been passed around in the hands of the three brothers, and after looking at each other silently, it went to Liu Zhihong and silently handed it to him. Liu Zhihong was so stunned that he didn't know why they wanted to give him the important things in the temple, but he knew there must be a reason, so he took it respectfully and read it carefully. I saw the words written on a piece of yellow paper: the master revealed the secret of heaven to save the people from disaster. My view is that he should promote the spirit of the body. Huayang's practice of the Dharma is neither a teacher nor an apprentice. Liu Zhihong quickly read it and was stunned and speechless to meditate on the meaning of the word. Although he realized its meaning without much effort, he could not believe that the person referred to in the verse was himself, so he was quite curious to meditate. I do not know how much time has passed, when the meditation slowly back to God after the "ancestral temple" unexpectedly. However, he was the only one left, but on the yellow paper in his right hand, there was a golden flash of light, and he looked at it curiously. Unexpectedly found that I do not know when? There are also some proverbs: the evil way of plundering in the mortal world, when the law enforcement of plundering in the past, Huayang was recorded in Sanqing to use the spirit of the earth as a supplement to suppress evil and promote the way of eternal Jingan. Liu Zhihong deeply realized that there had been several visions that had happened to him. After thinking about the words of "Dong Zhen Zhen Ren", he finally took a deep breath. Make the most important decision of your life! Snowflakes fluttered again and again, and three years passed in a twinkling of an eye. During this period, Zhu Quanzhong, the "King of Liang", dethroned "Emperor Zhao Xuan" and declared himself emperor, and changed the name of the country to "Liang". From then on, all parts of the world were once again in chaos. Although the change of Dynasty is a matter of great importance. But in the minds of the people is only worried about whether it will be a military disaster? Will it cause famine? How to live and work in peace and contentment? And the people who live in the mountains and wilderness are just surprised to talk about it. The Taoist temples and monasteries outside the square, which do not know anything about the world,Wheel tape measure, are rarely disturbed. They can only set up "Dongxuan Lingbao Zhai" to pray for the country to eliminate disasters and to go to the underworld for the living beings under the corpse soldiers. In the warm spring season when spring is warm and flowers are blooming, the earth is already full of tender buds and green, driving away the snow color of winter. But above three towering peaks.. It was still a vast expanse of white snow, like three old men wearing a dark hat. The summit of "Damao Peak" in the middle covers an area of only about 30 Zhangs. On a relatively flat rocky ground, there is a Taoist temple that is not wide, which is the famous "Longevity Palace". The Longevity Palace was built in the Southern Dynasties. It was only a two-entry hall. Later, a side hall was added, but it was still much smaller than the luxurious houses in the city. Moreover,tape measure clip, on the top of the peak, believers have to climb hundreds of steep stone steps to reach it. Therefore, the "Yuchen Temple" in the lower house has become a place for believers to worship Sanqing Taoist ancestors, while the "Longevity Palace" has become an important place for "Maoshan" to practice Dharma. After the succession of generations, the previous generation of masters and elders have practiced in this palace. In the palace, there was a hermit named "Xi Weizi", who was the teacher of Emperor Xi Zong of the Tang Dynasty. It was not until the day when Liu Zhihong arrived that he realized the secret of heaven because of the manifestation of Shizu's "Dongzhen Zhenren", leaving a yellow paper and then eclosion. After entering the palace for the second time, it was a rock wall. That is to say, the highest peak of "Damao Peak" is the sharp rock wall, between which there is a large cave more than one person high, only twenty feet deep to reach the bottom of the cave. But at the bottom of the cave, there is a steep well less than half a foot wide leading to the bottom. Narrow steps have been chiseled down the wall of the cave. Below the well cave is a big cave, which is the "Jintan Huayang Heaven" listed as the eighth of the ten caves in the Taoist world, and is also known as the "Huayang Cave". "Huayang Cave" has another exit, but the exit is between the steep walls facing the south. Therefore,