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Poison Queen of the Reborn General

He once loved a woman, but there was no difference between his love and Fu Xiuyi's indifference, which pushed Shen Miao to a dead end step by step. While he sympathized with Shen Miao, he rationally weighed the pros and cons and abandoned Shen Miao. A person's life, in fact, is constantly giving up things to spend. He and Fu Xiuyi abandoned Shen Miao, so in this life, Shen Miao did not hesitate to abandon them. It happened that Xie Jingxing was lucky, but on second thought, that was also right. But after knowing so many causes and consequences, he no longer had the face to face Shen Miao. Say what to accompany her side to help her, now think, but because of the past life and the guilt, he is in repayment. But he couldn't face his heart. The complicated entanglement of this marriage made him feel confused. It was time to end this mistake. Some thoughts should not have been born from the beginning. It was a mistake to be born. Now he should cut it off himself. "Have some porridge first, Mr. Pei," said Fennel. Your body has to be nursed again. Mr. Gao will come to give you an injection later. As long as you wake up, you will be safe and sound with Mr. Gao's medical skills for a few days. Pei Lang paused for a moment and said, "Thank you very much." "Mr. Pei is polite." "You saved your wife's life," said the fennel. "You are the benefactor of the prince's mansion." "Please fetch me a pen and paper." Pei Langdao. His lips were pale, his eyes were dim, but his tone was firm. -- -- -- -- Digression -- -- At present, a chapter can only be reviewed once a day, but it can only be reviewed again the next day, that is to say, if it is not reviewed once, it will be broken (′). I want to be quiet.. Chapter 218 leave. Shen Miao and Xie Jingxing were good, and the whole Prince Rui's mansion seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. It was a blessing in disguise that not only did the two of them make up, but they also seemed to start sleeping in the same room. This is simply beyond everyone's expectation, especially Tang Shu is the most happy, every day to Xie Jingxing boil tiger penis, deer penis, ox penis soup to drink,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, often let Shen Miao look at is also feel speechless. Xie Jingxing began to investigate the Ye family, but some strange is that Ye Mei sister and brother are indeed native Daliang people, before also living in Qinzhou, these are all can not do wrong. Shen Miao also did not know why this was, and later, he could only think about his own life, inadvertently changed a lot of things. Such as Fu Xiuyi's luck, such as the identity of Mrs. Mei's sister and brother. But no matter how it changed, one thing would not change. Ye Mei was her enemy in her previous life, and she had joined the "Ye" family in this life, but the position of their bitter rivals had not changed at all. Pei Lang's wound also gradually got better, Shen Miao went to see once, but did not enter the house, only took a distant look outside the house, saw that he could also go to the ground to drink his own medicine, then left. For Pei Lang, Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet ,brushed stainless steel sheet, Shen Miao's mood is very complicated, but Pei Lang probably does not know the things of her previous life, she knows the things of her previous life, but can not face each other with a peaceful mind. We can only keep such a distance. Xie Jingxing was very satisfied with this, saying that she was much more sensible than before, and took this opportunity to "reward" her, as if to make up for all the houses that had not been rounded before, which directly made Shen Miao lose his spirits these days, as if he had been taken by a male ghost. The situation in Longye looks stable, but the whirlpool dispute is not what others can imagine. After the royal hunting, Emperor Yongle began to close the net in order to deal with the situation arranged by the Lu family. The Lu family was busy dealing with the royal family, and Xie Jingxing was also busy. And Shen Miao naturally will not be relaxed, because Ming Qi sent a letter. Luo Xueyan's letter to Shen Miao has arrived. There are two letters home, one is written by Luo Xueyan, saying that they are all right now, and told Shen Miao to Longye, if wronged, do not swallow, must write back to tell them. He also told Xie Jingxing to respect each other and support and understand each other. It's just asking about Shen Miao's situation. The other letter was written by Shen Qiu. Shen Qiu's letter, however, is not the same as Luo Xueyan's.
When Shen Miao first got married, he said something to Shen Qiu. Although he didn't understand it very well, he also hinted that Shen Qiu should be on guard against the Ming Qi royal family. The Mi