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Ren Yiyan looked a little anxious, ran up a few steps to call a "third brother", and looked at the old lady and the first wife. The first wife still loved her son dearly, and before that, she publicly denounced the responsibility of Yijun because she was afraid that he would be blamed by the old lady, so she secretly winked at her eldest son. "Let me talk to you," said Ren Yiyan. And then chased him out. The first wife asked the third young woman, Qi Shi, to take a sip of ginseng tea for Mrs. Ren. When Mrs. Ren looked up and saw Qi Shi, she thought of the disrespectful words Ren Yijun had said before. She was very angry. She waved her hand and swept the teacup in Qi Shi's hand. "Get out of here, too!" She said angrily. Qi Shi seemed to have long anticipated the movement of the old lady Ren, very alert to slightly sideways to avoid the past, and then the movement did not pause to put the teacup in the hands of the big servant girl coral in the hands, with a smile to the old lady Ren said: "ah, this roll!"! Get out of here! Be careful and don't be angry. Then Qi Shi ran out at a speed that no one else could react to. People: "… …" Once again, the old lady was so angry that she fainted on the Kang. A roomful of people were busy asking for doctors, giving the old lady medicine and ginseng tea. After Qi Yuegui went out from the Ronghua Courtyard, she happened to see Ren Yiyan,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, who had chased Ren Yijun before. Because she had not seen Ren Yijun nearby, she stopped a servant girl and asked her if she had seen where the third young master had gone. The servant girl shook her head and said she had not seen him. Qi Yuegui thought for a moment. Without disturbing Ren Yiyan, he trotted back to Qingfeng Garden. Qi Yuegui looked for a circle in Qingfeng Garden, and finally found Ren Yijun sitting on the grass at random in the small flower garden where Ren Yijun used to grow orchids. Young master, you are running so fast today. I just saw the eldest young master chasing you and didn't catch up with you. Qi Yuegui walked over and sat beside Ren Yijun. Ren Yijun gave her a push, frowned and said, "Get up!"! Who allowed you to come over? Although Ren Yijun had a ferocious look on his face,304 Stainless Steel Wire, the force of pushing people was not great. Qi Yuegui cooperated and was pushed away by him. He grinned and said, "Oh, I forgot to ask the young master for instructions. Cough.". May I approach your body? Ren Yijun originally in the heart can not resolve the depression was Qi Yuegui so importunate to make a noise, was scattered for the most part, he snorted. Turned his face away. Qi Yuegui leaned over again, and this time Ren Yijun did not drive her away again. The two of them sat in the grass for most of the day, and Qi Yuegui was rarely quiet, neither noisy nor noisy. When Ren Yijun came to his senses from his own emotions, he glanced at Qi Yuegui. Suddenly I felt that this stupid woman also had a quiet and pleasant time. When Qi Yuegui saw Ren Yijun looking at her, she immediately gave him a big smiling face, showing a mouthful of small white teeth: "Young master, you have finished thinking. Have you returned to your soul?" Ren Yijun twitched at the corners of his mouth, feeling that he had been in a daze for too long before, Stainless Steel Welded Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, so his head was not clear. To find this woman likable. Can't you stop talking? Qi Yuegui is indescribable: "What do you want to speak if you are not allowed to speak?" "Eat!"! Can't you stop your mouth when you have to eat three bowls at every meal? Qi laurel appetite is very big, Ren Yijun every time when eating with her can see the servant girls stunned eyes, finally Ren Yijun can only drive the servant girls out not to be served. Otherwise, with those eyes, no one could eat except Qi Yuegui himself. Qi Yuegui looked at Ren Yijun contemptuously: "Marry a man, marry a man, dress and eat!"! You can't carry it on your shoulders or carry it on your hands. You can't even tell the difference between leeks and orchids. With you, you can only have a full meal. Ren Yijun now finally realized that when he said those words before, his grandmother wanted to strangle him. But today Qi Yuegui's words made Ren Yijun unable to get angry. Because he thought that there might really be a day when he couldn't even afford a daughter-in-law who only asked for three bowls of white rice for each meal and was not picky about food. Qi Yuegui was already ready for her to