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Fanxia Tianjiao Witch-Liang Yusheng _ txt Novel Paradise

At this time, it has become a situation of hand-to-hand combat, and both sides are unable to dodge. Geng Zhao shouted, "I'll fight with you!" In this flash of lightning, he suddenly changed his posture, slanted his body, wrapped his wrists, turned his whole body into a side-standing bow, and pushed his palms out flat. Others did not know the secret of Geng Zhao's move, but Gongsun Qi knew it. Unable to withstand the sound of "ah ah", his body immediately flew out like an arrow. It turned out that Geng Zhao's change was the most powerful killer in the "Eight Styles of Dayan", which contained three forces and hurt the eight extra meridians. Both sides are killers, and both are on the offensive. Close flesh Bo, each other is also unable to resolve! If this move is hard, the result will be: Geng Zhao's arm will be cut off by the other side's "dragon hand" and become disabled. However, if Sha Yanliu injured the eight extra meridians, he would be incurable and would die after a year and a half at most. Sha Yanliu was Gongsun Qi's right-hand man, and Gongsun Qi had an ulterior motive to "shelter" him. This purpose is to use Sha Yanliu to tear down the Shaolin Temple, in order to fulfill his desire to become the leader of the martial arts world. Because Gongsun Qi had to "shelter" Sha Yanliu, he immediately rushed out to save him at the critical moment of his life and death. On the other side, Penglai witch can not let Geng Zhao become disabled, Xiao Ao Qiankun and her mind, in this moment,potassium sulphate fertilizer, the two of them are also coincidentally ran out to rescue Geng Zhao. The three masters come out at the same time, and their posture is indescribably chivalrous. At the moment when Sha Yanliu and Geng Zhao were about to meet, they heard two "crackles". In the shadow of the wind, they saw Sha and Geng suddenly separate. Sha Yanliu rushed out a few steps to the left oblique direction, turned two circles like a top, and "Bu Tong" fell to the ground. Geng Zhao took a few steps obliquely to the right, turned three circles, and also fell down. But Hua and Liu were already fighting with Gongsun Qi. It turned out that both sides had arrived at the same time and adopted the same strategy: attacking the enemy while saving the friend. The witch of Penglai pushed away Geng Zhao,Magnesium Oxide MgO, while Gongsun Qi pushed away Sha Yanliu. It was all skillful, and Sha and Geng were not hurt, so they separated. But because they were all attacking their opponents with all their strength, they could not stop and both fell down. Sha Yanliu's skill is a little thicker, and he turns a circle less. However, since they fell at the same time, this game can only be regarded as a tie. At that moment Qin Nongyu ran out to help Geng Zhao back, and on the other side, the Lord of Feilong Island also came out to help Sha Yanliu back. Gongsun Qi pushed Sha Yanliu away with one hand and hit the witch in Penglai with one hand. With a smile, he pointed to the folding fan of Qian Kun and touched his "Laogong acupoint". Gongsun Qi took it with five fingers and grabbed the head of the fan with a "bang". Then he clapped his hands with the witch of Penglai. Because he wants to divide more than 60% of the skill to deal with Xiao Ao Gan Kun, and the result of the Penglai witch, just pulled a straight, Penglai witch back three steps, Gongsun Qi body a shake, also can not help but let go of the right hand. Xiao Ao Qiankun was so agile that as soon as he pulled out the folding fan, he immediately fanned his palm and hit him in the chest, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,Magnesium Oxide powder, fanning his main points! GongSunQi figure is not stable, "Pa" is a snap of a finger, opened the folding fan of Xiao Ao Qiankun. With a twist of his heel, he turned half an arc, clapped his left palm, and untied the "big handprint" that Xiao Ao Qiankun hit him in the chest. GongSunQi was Xiao Ao Qiankun and PengLai demon big serial attack, just with PengLai witch after the palm, and immediately untied the Xiao Ao Qiankun palm fan and the killer, can be used to come out at most but 60% skill, but actually and the two of them into a hand, no loss. All the heroes are shocked! The three great masters were also surprised. Gongsun Qihu's mouth was tingling, and his luck changed three times before he could move his tendons and veins. He thought to himself, "Although I have practiced my two great poison skills, I am afraid that the two of them will join hands with me, and I am not sure that I will win." Xiao Ao Qiankun, Penglai witch and his palm, the chest is also faintly stuffy, the same is the second turn of luck to resolve. Master Midu stepped out and said slowly, "Master Hua, Leader Liu, how a