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The Legend of Late Autumn in Online Games

Ling Lin really had no confidence in her so-called "should" and "still", but she also knew that her close friend had no appreciation of appearance. She took a sip of red wine and said, "Next time you have a chance to introduce me, so I can help you check." Although her little autumn night in the game is a man's identity, but after all, is the daughter's mind, the early 21st century widely spread pseudo-Tanbi can not be met by her, you have to keep a good eye for her. Check? The autumn night froze. Well, let me see them anyway! "Yes." There is no doubt about him in the autumn night. For a moment, the table was quiet, only to see the scene of eating with knives and forks flying and blood splashing. After eating half full, the autumn night remembered another purpose of this trip: "By the way, what happened to your magic religion?" Ling Lin put down the knife and fork in her hand and the medium-rare bloody steak, with a smile in her eyes: "Hey, I tell you.." It turned out that after she parted from the late autumn that day, she followed Yan Xin all the way north, over the mountains, day and night, and there was no need to say more about the suffering. Along the way, she repeated several cliche, and finally coaxed Yan Xin to take out all his own secrets. It turned out that Yan Xin's school was called Wanhua Valley. The master of the valley, Hua Yuqing, was Yan Xin's master. He had been abandoned by men in his early years, so he set up this school to take in some orphan girls and teach them martial arts. He was determined to kill all the fickle men in the world. Because the women from Wanhua Valley were all proficient in flattery and vicious means,Lamella Plate Settler, over time, Wanhua Valley was classified as the devil's way by Jianghu people. Not long ago, Yan Xin was ordered by his teacher to go out of the valley to kill a man, but he accidentally got a blood rain order from him. It is said that it was a token left by the first master of the Demon Way in those years. Whoever can get this order can go into his tomb to get peerless martial arts. No, Yan Xin Baba rushed back to the valley to present the treasure to his master, only to be targeted by an old Taoist nun on the way. Very not easy to arrive at a hidden valley, Ling in Yan Xin's recommendation, saw the charm of Hua Yuqing, who was over fifty years old. At that moment,lamella tube, she tried her best, crying about the tragic past when she was abandoned by the merciless husband (in fact, as far as the autumn night knows, she has only had countless experiences of dumping people in her life, and has she ever been dumped), and referring to the long yearning for Wanhua Valley by Tianmeng, when she vowed to be loyal to her death, and finally did not forget to praise the Lord of the Valley for his face like peach blossoms, so that Hua Yuqing immediately accepted her as an apprentice. And decided to teach her martial arts and mental skills in person. The end result is.. I'm trapped in the Valley of Flowers.. The Valley Lord ordered that as long as he failed in martial arts, he would not be able to get out of the valley.. "Isn't it good to learn martial arts by taking a picture with a book?" The autumn night does not understand, is it possible that there are tens of thousands of martial arts secret books in Wanhua Valley, which need to be shot for ten days and a half months? "Well, I'm required to reach a certain level of proficiency." Ling Lin complained with a sad face. According to the speed of practicing online for several hours every night, I don't know how long it will take to get away. The so-called extreme joy begets sorrow probably refers to this. The autumn night immediately expressed a hundred and twenty thousand sympathy and helplessness. Ah, and what did you say to Yan Xin before you left that day that she promised to take you back? This problem has plagued the autumn night for a long time. Sixteen-word motto. Hearing her question, Ling Lin got excited. Which sixteen words? "My little brother, who is young and weak, lamella clarifer ,wall penstocks, has no engagement and wants to find a good mate." Autumn night in the hands, just want to use the knife to cut beef, "slurp" across the bottom of the plate, sounded a sharp and harsh sound. The man who had just said he wanted to help himself check, originally, had sold himself long ago. Beggars' Sect privacy Since Ling was trapped in Wanhua Valley, the life in Yunqi Jianghu in late autumn has been very simple. Three kinds of medicinal materials and treasure map is a time can't find the clue of things, he and wind nameless also don't care,