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Synapomorphy Vs Symplesiomorphy meaning and example

The term comes from a Greek word where the “syn” means shared and “Apo” means away from and “Morphy” means shape. Simply put animals share the form or shape they move away from their ancestors and related groups. Thus, Synapomorphy helps the scientist determine which separated animals are related to which group of ancestors. In case a group of organisms shares more than one synapomorphy. Synapormorphy is also called homology.
Example of Synapomorphy:
An example of Synapomorphy is in mammals. They share the synapomorphy to produce milk. Milk is a nutritive substance that is extracted from the mother’s body and fed to the babies. It is an example of mammals being contradictory. It excluded several mammal the groups such as platypi that lay eggs but feed their milk to babies
Both Synapomorphy and Symplesiomorphy are types of character shared by two or more texa, but the common difference is the character in Synapomorphy present in their common ancestor. Hence the common difference between Symplesiomorphy and Synapomorphy sharing the character with another texa.