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HIFU Facelift Treatment | Unique Aesthetics

Unique Aesthetics provides an unparalleled and frequently exclusive array of cosmetic solutions by combining the in-depth anatomical knowledge with competence in the latest non-invasive aesthetic therapies.HIFU facelift treatment is one such procedure of non surgical face lift London. HIFU is an abbreviation for High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound, which is a modern cosmetic technology that efficiently tightens and lifts different areas of the face. It is a technology that lets you have a facelift without using a knife. The machines utilised for such treatment use ultrasound technology to invade rays through the skin layers that they can accelerate collagen growth. With the growing age, the collagen production rate becomes slow in women's bodies, resulting in loose skin around the neck and face. Within one session of HIFU facelift treatment, one can experience the tightening of saggy skin. The advanced machines used in this procedure generate low heat levels that go through the skin to trigger the collagen production and restore the soft tissues. Clinics that offer non surgical face lift London utilise machines that tighten the skin and bring it back to shape.