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Profhilo Treatment

Profhilo treatment is a highly innovative and advanced moisturising treatment which boosts and hydrates the skin. With revolutionary technology, any sagging or ageing tissue is bio-remodeled to create a very effective improvement on the overall appearance of the skin.
Profhilo treatment provides your skin with a highly effective ‘boost’ and hydration with revolutionary technology working to bio-remodel any sagging or tissue suffering from ageing. This remodelling technology allows the Profhilo to be performed as an injectable. It is a very safe treatment and is especially effective in lifting the lower area of the face.
Unique Aesthetics can treat a variety of skin problems at our clinic, including wrinkle reduction and dullness, with the best Profhilo Treatment London. While the face and neck are the most typical areas for this therapy, it may also be utilized on the décolletage, arms, hands, and knees, as well as any other portion of the body that displays indications of ageing.