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Frontier Airlines Flight Change Fee

Frontier Airlines reserves the right to impose a change fee when providing alternative services. The change fee will vary according to the type of ticket or fare that was purchased and the number of days until the scheduled departure time. Change Frontier Flight the following fee for changing a flight:
After 90 days, there won't be a fee for changes.
For changes made between 14 and 89 days, there will be a $79 fee.
If changes are made in less than 13 days, there will be a $119 fee.
A $75 fee will be assessed for changing your name.
Changes to The WORKS bundle tickets will not incur any extra costs. However, the appropriate fare difference must be paid.
If award tickets are changed eight days or more before the scheduled departure, a change fee must be paid. However, if you need to make changes within seven days or less until your departure, you will have to pay a $99 change fee.