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My Daughters Friend

Okay for all that don’t know Fabian is a sweet heart.

Okay enough of the dribble going to tell you my ghost story. About 12 years ago when my daughter was only 2 yrs old we bought our first (and still live in) house. We bought the house from the daughter of the original owner. The first week we were here my daughter would wake up exactly 3am every night screaming her head off that there was a man in the corner of her room. The funny thing is she was not awake at all she was still asleep. Of course we looked around her room and saw nothing.

This went on for months. I continued taking her to the doctor very nervous as to why she was doing this. The doctors felt that she was suffering from what is clinical known as night terrors. We took her to the hospital were they did an EEG; she had to be sleep deprived for 24 hours to do it. Poor child had what looked like curlers all over her head and once they were all set up feel asleep without a problem. Well the test results showed that she had normal sleep patterns and that she was not suffering from night terrors. The doctor prescribed mild sedatives so that she would sleep at night more peacefully (I think it was more for us….lol). The sedatives did not help, immediately she was back to the usually of screaming. We could set our clocks by it.

My Grandmother lived with us at the time as well and it was about a year into the screaming that my grandmother passed away while at home. The same night that she died I woke up at 3am to hear my daughter talking very calmly to someone. I walked into her room and she was sitting up in her bed, as I approached the bed I saw a white smoke shaped like a hand move away from her (talk about shock). I wiped the sleep from my eyes to see if I was dreaming and I didn’t see it anymore, I approached my daughter’s bed and she was sound asleep. I asked her who are you talking to. She replied (sound asleep now) “I’m talking to grandma and said that man will never bother me again she was taking him to heaven with her”. To this day 12 yrs later she has never had another episode.

I called the lady we bought the house from and asked her if anyone had died in the house. She told me her father had died in my daughter’s bedroom and is bed was up against a wall in the corner of the room.

I believe in ghost…….


Re: My Daughters Friend

Cherie, Fabian is a very nice person. He treats everyone with respect, far as I can tell.
Your story brought goose bumps...and I too believe.


Re: My Daughters Friend

Thanx Rondu!
You Are A Cool Dude!
After Reviewing Your Pictures, I Believe That One Of Those Pictures Definitely Has Ectoplasmic Distortion!
Where Were Those Pictures Taken??

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Re: My Daughters Friend

Hey Fabian...they were taken at a family reunion in Howenwald, Tennessee (about 60 miles sw of Nashville out in the sticks).
My Mom, Dad an Uncle and two Aunts live in a place that has 7 bedrooms, 5 baths, swimming pool, stream nearby and 18 acres of property. Really beautiful.
Don't know much about the history of the place. My Grandma passed there three years ago so I suspect her presence was around. There were 60 people there for about a week (from all over the country).
I was shocked to see the one that appears to be ectoplasm. Some people tell me it is smoke but I am not buying that for a second. The only thing that was burning was a few tiki torches that did NOT pu out smoke like that. They couldn't have. Thanks for looking at them.


Ghost Story

I'm still waiting for that ghost story you promised me..... hehehehehe.....

Re: My Daughters Friend: My Ghost Story Link
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