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Two websites

For thos of you familiar with OKCGC site and being able to listen to it, here is a link I got from The Asylum's Gate. Trial software that will record thru your pc's speakers. Pretty

I also got this from ghost cam...

Re: GhostCam Real: Host Site Is An Adware VIRUS

Rondu: Thanx For The new GhostCam!

However -

A Word Of Caution

The Cam Is Genuine, But It Is Hosted By A Site That
Has An Adware Virus Script!!!

I Strongly Suggest That You Have Ad blocking Software
Enabled On Your System Before Anyone Proceeds
To Visit The Url That Has Been Given Here!

My Anti-Virus Software Detected This Adware Virus
And Was Hit Nonetheless: I Was BARELY Able To Remove It Manually!!

I Will Be Contacting The Owners Of This Winery To Find Out
If I Can Add Their Brewery Attic Cam To My Collection
So That It Will At Least Be In A Safer Environment With Which To Visit!

Fabian Trahan

Email   Website
Re: Two websites

Fabian, My sincere apologies if this caused you, or anyone else, problems. I have AdAware 6.0, a firewall and up to date Norton protection. I saw nothing wrong with it, nor do I now.



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