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I used to think special effedts...

in a film about "Haunted" places was the imagination of the writer put to life by the "Special Effects" artist, but, after what I have seen in the Willard Library Childrens Rm. I believe someone has seen what i have. I read posts about the "lady in Grey" and can only think how she pales to compare to the other spirits in the room, the what "I" call, for lack of education of what Ive witnessed, "embossed" faces, and SOO many of "them" with black eye socketts. I don't understand why "they" are there and have such fear in their faces. I have died 2 times in the E.R Rm. and only have the most beautiful experience inwhich I am at a loss of eloquence to describe. Why are these spirits at such unrest and in this room? Can anyone explain or help me understand? I"m quite distressed over this.

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