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OKCGC NightShot

Hi I am new to this site and have been watching the cams for some time. The first time I was here I saw a fairly large ecto ??? sorry can't remember what it is called (very similar to Ramey's weeping ghost) come from the first door on the left in the hospital cam two. I got very excited and have been kicking myself ever sense for not capturing that pic, it was awsome.
In the early morning hours of May 30th around three or four in the morning, there was a research team in the OKCGC NightShots cam. They were sitting in the hall facing each other, as I watched the man on the right wall closest to the cam, one of those ecto things came out of the wall right above his head. I tried to capture that one too, but my pc messed that one up. Anyway when they got up to leave the cam froze and it is still froze. Sorry this is so long, I promise the rest won't be. I love this site.

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