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Haunted Theater Pic

Thanks again Fabian for posting the picture i capped the other night i hope all enjoy the picture,I have some i took a long time ago when my kids were small while over at my parents home.
My parents home does have a story behind it wwhen they moved in there was i was around 5 or 6yrs old,a rope was found in an the old coal room(which stayed there for a real long time),hanging there.
Lots of things happened in there a lot,creaking steps,hallways and sometimes like to push me down the stairs. Well years later a freind of my parents who had indeed lived there as a child,told us that someone did hang themself in the basement, the rope was then removed.But now my Mom has passed on we have her visit us here at my home, in fact my daughter has felt her climb into her bed feeling her lift the blanket up and crawl on in(says she gets very cold ).
Have more to tell but dont want to say too much yet lol, so all enjoy the pic. Bluejams

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