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I Began My Quest To Search Out Spiritual Phenomenon At Age 8 In 1976. I Lived In An Huge Old House Outside Of Pierce(ElCampo), Tx. While Taking A Bath In One Of Those Large Bath Tubs With The Feet And All, Near The Blindspot OF My Left Eye, I Happened Upon The Image Of A Small Girl About My Age Staring At Me From The Vanity Mirror Hanging About 10 Ft Away On The Bathroom Door; I Was "Petrified" At First Just Sitting There Trying To Figure Out What The Hell Was Staring At Me, Was It My Reflection?? No... It Was Ever So Slowly Moving Towards "Me" In The Mirror... My Curiousity, However, Eventially Gave Me The Courage To Finally Turn To Face This Mystery: It Vanished! I Decided To Keep This To Myself At First To Avoid Redicule...
I Quietly Went To The School Library And Researched Old Local Newspapers On Micro-Fiche And Found The Answer: In The 1940's The Daughter Of A Mr. Pierce Had Slipped And Fell Hitting Her Head In A Bathtub And Drowned In What I Later Learned Was The Upstairs Bathroom Of His First Mansion: Our House!! I Have Tried For Years To Relocate This Information To No Avail, But What I Read Then Was Enough To Convince Me That All The Noises In That House DID Have AN Expaination....

By The Way:
Does Anyone Here Have Knowledge Of A Relative of Shanghai Pierce Who Founded Pierce, Tx And/Or The Name of A Niece Or Daughter Who Died Of Drowning In A Bathtub? Any Story Of A Girl Named Pierce Girl Who Died Of Drowning In South Texas During The 40's Would Be Extremely Appreciated!
I've Been Searching For This Incredible Information For Over 27 Years, And Have Still Found NOTHING To Corraborate
The Information I Read So Very Many Years Ago.

"If You Eliminate The Impossible, Whatever Remains, However Improbable, Must Be The Truth." Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

More About The "Tricks" This Little Ghost Pulled On Us Next Time!

Fabian Pierre Trahan

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Cool Story! Did you have any other encounters with the little girl?

My first physical encounter with a spirit happened when I was 15 yrs old. We lived in a very old farm house in Southern Ohio. My bedroom ALWAYS gave me the creeps, I never wanted to sleep in it. Some nights when the vibes were to strong I would get up and go sleep in my youngest brother's room. He had an extra twin bed in there so I would sleep in it. Well thats what I did one night and fell asleep. As I was sleeping I slowly was awakened by the feel of a hand gently rubbing my forehead and hair. I had the distinct impression that this was a very old woman who meant no harm and did not want to frighten me. Of course I had never been more afraid in my life! I opened my eyes and when I did she stopped rubbing my forehead and just left her hand laying across it very gently. I lay there for a moment scared half to death and when she did not move her hand I reached up and touched it. It was as real feeling as anyone else's hand. It felt very frail, thin and small. I quickly took my hand away and when I did she slowly lifted her hand away. I then started hearing a soft gentle old woman humming a song I didn't reconize off in the hallway. Needless to say I didn't sleep the rest of the night.


Thanx TransparentReality For Sharing Your Story And The Remarks About My True Life Experiences...

Yes There Is More To This Story About The Pierce Girl.
She Liked To Play Pranks On Us, Especially When We Were Trying To Watch T.V.

I Remember Quite Vividly One Night When My Sister-N-Law, Donna And I Were Home Alone Watching Mork-N-Mindy Back In October 1978
By Then, We Were Used To The Noises, But What Happened Next Took Us Both Completely By Surprise...

At First, The Screen Started To Static In And Out Slowly, AS If Someone's CB Was Interferring With Our Antenna Reception, Then Right Before Our Eyes, Something Just "JERKS" The T.V. Cord Right Out Of The Outlet!!
I Just Sit There Looking At The Cord Laying Across The Living Room Floor...

Donna, Who Was A Strong Believer In Everthing Going On At Our Ranch House Being "Ghostly"
Laughed Her Ass Off About It And Dared It To "Do It Again!!"

I Was Thinking.. "Crazy Ass *************
It Happened Twice Before But It Was Quite Often A More Friendly Occurance:
"She" Would Unplug The T.V. When Someone Passed Out On The Couch Too!!

More About The Pranks Later...

TransparentReality Had The Right Idea:

This Is A Place To Post Your Own Real Ghost Story Guys!!

Please Feel Free To Do So:
I Will In The Near Future Be Building A "Ghost Stories Page" Here At GhostCams-Ex!

I Promise I Will Include What You Post Here As Long As "IT IS" A Ghost Story!!

Fabian Trahan

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