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OKCGC Abandoned Hospital Cams All Working

Just Wanted Everyone To Know That The OKCGC Cams Are All Working Now!

Three Of Them Were Down (4,5 & 6) Since December Of Last Year
But It Seems That They've Fired 'Em All Back Up!

You Can See Them At Their Main Site:


Or Visit My
GhostCam Previews Portal

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Re: OKCGC Abandoned Hospital Cams All Working

As Of 1:20 am East Tn Time, March 20th, 2004 The OKCGC Cams Were Mysteriously ALL Down... Could Just Be Their Server.... Hope So! Sorry Guys!


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Re: OKCGC Abandoned Hospital Cams All Working

Fabian, have they been working for you ok lately?

Re: OKCGC Abandoned Hospital Cams All Working

Dear Erik:

Hello Good Friend!

Tell Ron, Becky Et Al Hello For Me!
Yes: I Have Been Having Trouble With The Cgi-Based Cams Via My Experiment Portals, But I Feel That I Have Wronged You Guys By Possibly Creating A Drain On Your Servers Via Bandwith. My Stats Dictated To Me That There Was A 10% Spike In Useage Drawn From Your Site Last Week, Possibly Enough To Compromise I Was Worried About The Implications, And Have Halted Direct-Feed For Now.
I Will Restore The Links, But I Need A Vote By The OKCGC Council That It Is What You All Wish For Me To Do, So Long AS It Doesn't Interfere With Your Bandwith Issues.
If I Am Draining Your Bandwith Resource: I Will Continue To Halt My Direct-Feed To Your Cams;
On The Other Hand, If The OKCGC Research Team Finds That My Research Using The Cams Helps To Facilitate And Ascertain Evidence Of Anomolous Activity, I Would Appreciate A Vote From You "All" Before I Restore My Individual Research Using The OKCGC Rresearch Cams.
I Wish Not To Be A Burden To Your Wonderful Site:
I Only Wish To Amplify The Credibility Of It~!
I Believe!
If It Is Feasible And My Research Important:
Please Let Me Know!
BTW: I Was Reading The Section Regarding The "Centraloma" House: Is This House Near An Intersection Of Power Lines Or A Nearby Grid??
You Had Some Wicked EMF And Temperature Fluctuations There!
Please Reply!
Erik: Thanx For Taking The Time To Post Here In My "Little" Forum!!
Respectively And Sincerely;
Fabian Pierre Trahan
Owner - Author - Webmaster

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Re: OKCGC Abandoned Hospital Cams All Working

I cant see any thing in them.

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