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Jonesborough Bumpass Cove Ghost Hunt

A Friend Of Mine At Work Has Invited Me To Go And Research Her Graveyard And Home Up At A Place I Once Lived At And Had My Own Paranormal Experience Some 10 Years Ago; Bumpass Cove. This Area Is Known Throughout These Parts As Having A Great Deal Of Unusual Paranormal Activity. Many Different Ghosts Have Been Sighted On The Bumpass Cove Road And Surrounding Area. There Is Even A Book: Tennessee Haints By: Charles Edwin Price Written On The Subjective Matter Of Haunted Bumpass Cove.
I'll Let You Know How It Went.

...Just In Case You Were Wondering, It Was The Ghost Of An Old Woman My Little Brother And I Had Encountered Standing Out By A Light Pole Late One Night. We Were Putting A New Radio In My Car And Happened To Look Up From The Dash At The Right Time Together To See Some Old Lady Just Staring At Us From A Distance Of About 70-100 Feet Away. It Was Very Dark, But We Could Faintly Make Out the Form Standing Next To The Streetlight On The Road... And Like A Blip- She Just de-Materialized Into Foggy Looking Stuff!! We Ran Our Asses Into The House Big Time!!
It Still Gives Me Bumps!! My Little Brother Has Been A Believer Ever Since; I Have Believed Since 1976, But... That's Another Story I'll Surely Share With You All Here...

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