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Willard childrens room cap

At first glance I thought I was seeing a person sitting in the hallway but upon closer inspection I noticed that all I could see for a head was a faint transparent foggy thing. Maybe I'm looking at it wrong or maybe they moved when the cam took the pic, I dunno, but it looks kinda strange. I dunno, maybe just wishful thinking because I NEVER see anything and want to so bad!

Pic taken after:

Re: Willard childrens room cap

Here is the image enlarged:

Re: Willard childrens room cap

Xeles: It Is My Honest Opinion That You Have Made Your First Capture. Great Job!!

Especially Since The Head Is Apparently There But NOT! WOW!!!!
It Seems That You Captured It As It Was In The Process Of Materializing...

That Is MY Honest Opinion.



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Re: Willard childrens room cap

cool, my first ghost capture! I finally had a bit of luck.

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