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Ordshall cam?

I posted this on the old forum but now it's gone so I have to repost. Does anyone know how to find the Ordshall cam? I heard it is the best but the site it's supposed to be on doesn't have a cam.

Re: Ordshall cam?


The Ordsall Hall Cam Is No More. The Pictures You

See On Their Site Are Out-Dated Captures Taken

When Their Cam Was Online.
You Will Probably Never See The Ordsall Hall Cam Again.

According To Sources, The Man Who Ran This Cam

No Longer Works For Ordsall Hall:
There Were Even Claims By The City Where The Cam Is
That The Cam Greatly Reduced Tourism,
Because You Could Visit The Ordsall Hall Building Without Even Going There!!
Maybe Someday They'll Fire It Back Up, But For Now:
It's History.


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