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Phantom Cam "May" Be A Hoax... ****!!!!!!!!!

Well After Careful Review From Fellow GhostCam Hunters [[And Very Experienced Ones Might I Add!]]

It Is My Supposition That The Phantom Cam Is Probably
A Hoax....

I Have Decided To Let It Stay A Little While At GhostCams-Ex... But
If It Really Is Fake-

And I Confirm This, IT IS HISTORY!!

Below Is The Link To The Discussion We Are Holding At The Ghost Hunters Forum

View The Discussion Here

Fabian Trahan

GhostCams-Ex Administrator

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Re: Phantom Cam "May" Be A Hoax... ****!!!!!!!!!

Yep, I agree. I cought that ghost 13 times on Aloe cam
I'd say that was a pretty good hint that it was fake!
Once in a while we all get taken in.

Re: Phantom Cam "May" Be A Hoax... ****!!!!!!!!!

Not sure what to think. This disclaimer is printed on that cam's page now..


"6 February 2004: Earthcam's listing of the cam resulted in a lot of traffic. This bandwidth load caused the PHP script used to resize the feed for people on dial-up to choke, and for a day or two images I had personally recorded and cached were being displayed as live data. For some people, the script also caused other distortions. I've since eliminated the resize script entirely, instead displaying data directly from the cam feed in Roy René."

Re: Phantom Cam "May" Be A Hoax... ****!!!!!!!!!

The Person That Built The Php File That Housed This Cam Tried To Disclaim That It Was A Refreshing Looped Jpg By Posting That Message A Few Months Back.
I Found The Php Script That Ultimately "Busted" His Attempt To "Fool" The Viewing Public And He Quickly Changed The Access To This Page In An Attempt To Hide The Truth. Now The Cam Page Has Been Disabled by Its Owner... Why? He Gave Up I Guess... It Is A Shame That He Couldn't Just Set Up A Real Cam Somewhere In France Instead Of Trying To Fool The World With Bull****!

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