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Ops out of Maleme 1941

Hi everybody - I'm interested in finding out any details anyone can remember or knows of, of the squadron's sorties flown out of Maleme before and after the evacuation from Greece. I'm aware of at least one Blenheim being sortied to chase off a Bf110..and damaging its undercarriage on return, ending up in Maleme's "boneyard"...does anyone recollect or know of more "fighter" sorties?

Regard, David

Re: Ops out of Maleme 1941

Hi David,

'C'Flight of 30 Sqn were the 'fighter' flight of the Sqn and they flew to Maleme, Crete on 5th April 1941.

I have approximately 250 flights logged on my spreadsheet of Aircrew Log Books (from all Flights of the Sqn) after this date however not all of them were from Maleme.

If you want to get in touch then please do.