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30 on Facebook!

Who'd have thought it - 30 on Facebook!

We really have to get guys and girls from the 'K' (and 'J') to join. Matt Busby is working hard on the membership numbers so to help him out we've joined the Facebook phenomenon. Hopefully ex-Sqn members might see the Association on Facebook and get in touch. That's the theory anyway - we'll just have to see how it goes and keep the proverbial fingers crossed.

I've only just been playing with Facebook recently and had to get my 17 year-old son to point me in the right direction. Personally, I think he's enjoyed humiliating his old man - bless him...

Re: 30 on Facebook!

Hi Laurie....

You should be very careful messing about at your age on Facebook. There are certain people watching people...... It's normally followed by a heavy knock on the door and an unexpected flight in a Ford Transit with nice flashing blue lights!
As for your 17 year old trying to belittle you, have patience - the time will come when old age will be in your favour and you can get even. Think of the satisfaction.

South Yorkshire