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30 Sqn Line Book

In this day of "Political Correctness" is there still a "30 Sqn Line Book"? I remember it used to sit on the desk as you came in through the doors at the front of the old Sqn building. God, there were some crackers. My favorite? Dick Clode wearing one flip flop on a beach in Nassau "Lost a flip flop, Dick?" said the F/E "No, found one" came the reply. Any other favorites you can remember? I also remember crusty old Dave Wright (Sqn Ldr) saying “There are only three things the co-pilot should ever say:
1. Nice landing, Sir.
2. I'll buy the first round.
3. I'll take the fat one.”

I do miss working with Pilots!

Re: 30 Sqn Line Book

Can't remember who said it, but it must have been a training captain: "I've flown in both pilot seats, can someone tell me why the other one is always occupied by an idiot?"

Re: 30 Sqn Line Book

Come on Nick, what Dick actually said was,"No,I found one and am looking for the other!" Beach was at Banjul Yumdum.

I think one of the best was during the gulf war, 1st edition. I was flying with a scottish co-pilot just over Rhyad, bucking a 100kt head wind. ATC came up and Said "Air raid warning red, Scud attack inbound". Loadie said "now what do we do?" Copilot, quick as a flash," I'd better have my meal now before it goes to waste!"

Re: 30 Sqn Line Book

Thanks for putting me right, Ray. Funny how the stories change with time and a few beers. Which is why we had the Line Book!