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Reunion Forms

Laurie, I read in Tony's letter re the 2010 reunion that forms for it could be downloaded from the 30squadronassociation web site. I've looked but can't see them. Nothing new there, as Mrs C would confirm, but could you point out where to find them if they are indeed there?

Re: Reunion Forms

Hi Robin,

Unfortunately, the Reunion forms were not put on the website for this year's Reunion - your eyesight is spot on, tell Mrs C - because it was felt at the time that members would prefer paper copies. As time has moved on we've discovered lots of members are checking out the website so next year we'll probably give members a choice of either hard copy forms or electronic.

I will email Tony Main and ask him to send some to you soonest. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Re: Reunion Forms

No problem Laurie, and no need for the forms as I've already sent mine off! It was more of a query as to what to advise others that might be encouraged to come along on 17th April 2010. I've already asked Tony if he'd like a heads up for the reunion on PPRuNe and am awaiting his response. Thanks for the quick reply :-)

Re: Reunion Forms

With a view to publicising the 2010 Reunion ( and the 30 Sqn assoc) would it be possible to produce a poster, mainly for airline crew room notice boards? There are many ex-30 guys at BA,Thomson, Virgin and Thomas Cook but few of them are members.
I could probably get them circulated at Thomson, perhaps someone else could arrange the others?


Re: Reunion Forms

Great idea Pete! It would need artistic and desk publishing skills though (which puts it outside of my limited abilities already! However something fairly straight forward should suffice, say a close-up of a Herc nose with the required info superimposed and of course the Squadron Badge?

Re: Reunion Forms

Hi Robin,
At last, you wish has come true - the reunion 2011 is now on the website. All you need to do is press the 'Reunion' button and at the bottom of the page are all the forms you need.

Tony is sending an email soon so you be able to download them from that as well.

Merry Christmas and an even happier New Year!

Laurie R