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Getting Started...

Hi, welcome to the new message forum for the Association. By popular request this forum is for members to get in touch with each other and generally talk about anything.

Here's how to post a message...

If you've never used a forum before, hopefully you'll find it quite straight forward:

1. To post a message simply click on "Start a Message" just above the Topic section.

2. Enter your proper name - not a nickname or pseudonym please.

3. Fill in the Subject line and don't worry about most of the other stuff.

4. Then enter your comment in the 'Enter Message' box.

5. For varification reasons please enter the letters you see in the box below your comment, then...

6. Preview your message or post it straight away - and you're done!

Most of all have fun with the Forum. It's there to help you find old friends (see next post) or simply make a comment about your time on 30.

If you are having difficulties posting message please feel free to email me at webmaster@30squadronassociation.com

All the best!