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(South) Bourne School Discussion Group

This message board has now closed and former pupils should go to the school facebook page linked from Ruislip Online.

In due course this messageboard will be lapsed.

(South) Bourne School Discussion Group
This Forum is Locked
Teachers 1956-1960

Laurence Stemson I was At Bourne School From September 1956-July 1960

Teacher rememberd By Laurence Stemson I was in Fleming house Colour Yellow

Mr Worral Headmaster

Mr Tibbles Deputy Head Nick name Bubble

Mrs Tibbles Nick name Squeak DroveA sunbeam Talbot Car

Mr Witton

Mr Oliver

Mr James Sports

Miss Thomson Girls Sports

Mrs Gould English

Mr Crombie Metal work

Miss Jack Drove A motor scooter

Miss Bunce RI

Mr Hodge

Mr Kelly Maths

Mr West Drove Amstrong Sidley Car at 85 MPH Down western Avenue in 1958

Mr Jones Art

Mr Anderson Woodwork & T D

Mr Fenwick Biology

Pupils I remember

Christine Shepard Lived in Whitby Road

Wendy Friend of Above Married Australian

John Morgan

John Dickens

Yovonne Finicombe

Vaughn Blewit

Jennifer Sharp

Lawrence Holmes

Lesley Dovey

Susan Evans

Victoria Cornish

Donald Mc Innis

Jimmy Elliott

Piatro Spironi Italian

Janick Chuddock Polish