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(South) Bourne School Discussion Group
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Re: 1950 - 1953

Yes, I remember you Ron.

You used to work at the Dairy with my dad, Arthur.

How are you Ron?

I sure do hope you and Jill are well.

It has been a long time sir.

Bill Lewis.

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Replying to:

Does anyone remember me ? lived in West End Rd South Ruislip

Looking for past friends David Brownhill, Tony Holton, Graham Lee, Roy Dunn, Bernie Whitbread, Bob Hawkins, Josephine Arnett, Sheila Hancock, Theresa Green and anyone else in classes 1,2,3 & 4d. Teachers names?? Cheseborough, Jones, Mr & Mrs Tibbles (Fatty & Finny) mr James (pt Teacher) Mr Hayellis ? Miss Peach, And headmaster MR Forbes, Remember the fountain. Jill My wife (nee Franklin) was at Bourne bet 1956 & 1957, remembers , Diane Parrot, Jills' sister is Valerie she was there from 1952 - 1956. Jill & I emigrated to South Australia in 1973.

Re: Re: 1950 - 1953

Mr Hay-Ellis

would probally have been my great uncle Edgar Hay-Ellis, an english teacher who emigrated to Canada in or about 1953.

Andrew Hay-Ellis (also a teacher)

Re: 1950 - 1953

I was at Bourne Secondary Modern from 1949 to early 1952. I remember the headmaster, Mr Forbes and some of the other teachers i.e. Mr & Mrs Tibbles, PT master Mr James, my form(2G Upper) teacher Miss Arden, who married Mr Fosse and returned to school after the summer holiday as Mrs Fosse. I also remember some of my classmates, "Bog" Brown, Ray Argles, Edith Senior, Norma Hosma, Bernice (Benny) McCarthy. It would be nice to hear from anyone who was at the school up to 1952.
Carl Roderick

Re: 1950 - 1953

Cannot say i remember you personally i was in a year younger class B but was a good friend of Graham Lee we both lived in Eastmead Sth Ruislip Graham got married to Dianne Butler and shortly after died of brain hemorrhage i think still very young, we were both in love with Valerie Coulter she was same year as you and Graham also remember Tony Holton and Dunnie
Most of the teachers you mention i can remember, also the head master Mr Forbes and Miss peach we used to think was gorgeous Mr Patchin Mr Anderson, woodwork another Mr Forbes, metalwork Mr Jones Mr Fenwick all i can think of at the moment