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(South) Bourne School Discussion Group

This message board has now closed and former pupils should go to the school facebook page linked from Ruislip Online.

In due course this messageboard will be lapsed.

(South) Bourne School Discussion Group
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Bourne Co. Sec. Mod.

Was at school from 1948/52 in 1a,2a,3a,4a. Teachers Mr. Fenwick, Miss Arden became Mrs. Foss. Love to hear from old classmates. I remember Sheelagh Delaney(deceased) Diane Smith, Thelma Snooks,Valerie Healey, Jean Wright, Elizabeth Roberts, Pat Hawkes,Valerie Shaw(Shore), Joan Ince, Pauline Maddox,Peggy Miller, Margaret Marriner, Shirley Spragg, Beryl Gregory, Valerie Papineau, Edna Darnes (in Perth WA).
BOYS Martin Speakmaster, Cliff Sandoe, Norman Emblow, Geoffrey Parsons, Eric Bishop, Alan Law, Terence Dracup, Ralph Curtis,Brian Clarke,John Grace, David Barratt, ? Gee. Please excuse me if I have forgotten your name I think I have done pretty well considering my advanced age!!!.
I have been in Seattle, Wa. since Nov. 1980 and would
love to hear from anyone who would care to email me.
Rene Down of Bideford Rd.

Re: Bourne Co. Sec. Mod.

Irene Down's email is :

Re: Bourne Co. Sec. Mod.

Thought of a few more names to add to 1948/52 list:
David Kelly, Peter May, George Goff.
Joan Brooks, Wendy Lovell. If I've forgotten your name please forgive me and don't be shy - add it to the list.

Re: Re: Bourne Co. Sec. Mod.

Why am I not on your list Irene??
You owe me an e-mail!!!
Cliff Sandoe.