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(South) Bourne School Discussion Group

This message board has now closed and former pupils should go to the school facebook page linked from Ruislip Online.

In due course this messageboard will be lapsed.

(South) Bourne School Discussion Group
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Kings 70-72

Bloody hell!Didn't know this site existed.
Got the usual paranoia, nobody will remember me etc.
Some of the other Kings in the same year(When it wasn't get Kings week)
Glen Sharkey (Woodlands Avenue)
Rob Witt
Gary lewington
Stuart Young
Lots of girls, but can't remember their names as I was too shy to even speak to them, except Margaret Bates?
Was it a Miss Rutherford who was our Tutor in the first term? We were based in the Library.
Ray Bland was the phsycotic metalwork teacher, took us all down to Weymouth on the train one year.
Mr Payne? PE
Harry Hull was Head and Dalton was the deputy as I remember.

Re: Kings 70-72

i left in 1980 but knocked around with older lads i remember a lad called lankey and getting **** with the 6thn form in the allys when thay left i remember pany and that bloody slipper stebbings dalton nobby clark mick chapman lisa rose was in my year clive wilson colin sole i lived in woodlands ave a good friend peter crook had a brother michal crook