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(South) Bourne School Discussion Group

This message board has now closed and former pupils should go to the school facebook page linked from Ruislip Online.

In due course this messageboard will be lapsed.

(South) Bourne School Discussion Group
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where is everyone

So after acessing this site for a year or more, it appears no one is interested. what happened to the sixties students. the boomers. have you all hibernated ? is that it. ? is there life out there?perhaps..... ?

Re: where is everyone


We are alive and well and having a reunion on May 1st. at the Hillingdon Football Club on Breakspear Road! Everyone from about 1960 to 70 is invited but tickets need to be purchased in advance. More information is on the Friends Reunited web site.


Re: where is everyone

Hi you will find most of us on the friends reunited web site but there are still an awful lot more who no one has heard from which is a shame as we were in the best years of Bourne