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(South) Bourne School Discussion Group

This message board has now closed and former pupils should go to the school facebook page linked from Ruislip Online.

In due course this messageboard will be lapsed.

(South) Bourne School Discussion Group
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An Old Boy!

I attended Bourne Secondary Modern School in 1961. My father was in the RAF and stationed at RAF Northolt. As an RAF brat, I had traveled a lot and attended many different schools. So, my time as a student at Bourne was brief. I was in the fifth year and served as a "Prefect." I recall wearing a maroon blazer with silver coloured piping, and since I was a prefect, I also had two silver stripes on my sleeve. I moved on from Bourne to Westminster Technical College, where I studied to be a Chef. Not really my choice of careers. I loved it so much that ended up joining the RAF Police in March 1963! I moved to the United States in 1972 and I now live in Thornton Colorado, USA.