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Resue Exotic Birds

Hello to everyone were Indiana Large Bird Rescue. were located in North webster,Indiana.If anyone needs our service we have just expanded our room. We accept and rehabilitate, retired,troubled,abused,pluckers,biters,etc.Were serving now the entire states of Indiana,Michigan,Illinois,Ohio... Feel free to call or write us if you can use our service were readily available to help with your pets. WE DO NOT sell or trade our pets so please no inquirys about selling. Were a self funded service trying to keep our cost as low as possible due to the rising cost of gas,food,toys etc. so anyone who knows of reasonable advertising please feel free to email us,We check it daily..We have references upon request.Weve been involved with large parrots for over 15 years.and have a very high sucess rate . Thanks for everyones help. If everyone gives a hand here we can help all our little avian friends be happy once again

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