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Is there a Parrot Heaven?

Thats what my wife asked me tonite.
"Thanks"I told her
For one fleeting moment.I had stopped thinking about my little
buddy.And feeling the pain of losing him
And she had to ask me that!
I know that she didnt mean anything by it.She misses stevy as much
I do.Maybe more.
Two years ago.I hated that bird.Because of all the noise he would
make.First bird I had ever owned.So I didnt know that what was his
characteristic.To make so much noise.You could hear him all the way
down the street.Now 2 years later.Id give my home.And everything in
it.If I could have that bird and his noise back.Around the house is
not the same anymore.Id be reading,or on the computer.Or my wife
would be watching tv.And we could faintly hear stevys feet comming
accross the floor.pitter,patter,piiter,patter.Looking for
he was lonely.Or just wanted to be with us.He'd climb up on one of
our shoulders.And he'd begin to talk like popeye.Sounded like he
mumbling under his breath.Could never figure out.If he was
congradulating himself.For finding us.Or ******** us out for
My routine was to come home.And call out his name.And he would
back.At dinner.He knew if he climbed up on one of us.He could
get a bit of our dinner.After a couple hours hed be ready to go
on his perch.To sleep.At bedtime.Just before crawling into bed.Id
say "Goodnight Stevy".He'd sometimes answer me back.Its been a few
days since we lost him.But every night I still tell stevy
cant believe that I miss that bird as much as I do.So if there is a
heaven that parrots go to.I know that little buddy of mine is there.
Goodnight Stevy

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