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A Sad Story-- RE:African Gray Parrot Returned to Owner in Parma, Ohio 9/09

Rocco, the African Gray was lost in August 2009 in Parma, Ohio. He was returned to the happy owners (M/M Livingston)almost a month later by a very honest lady.

This is the story. Amy spotten the African Gray high in a tree at night. She located a ladder, was in a dress, but still climbed up 20 feet to grab the bird. Thankfully both Amy and bird returned to the ground safely.

It so happened that Amy just healed from one minor operation and was scheduled for 2 major operations a few days after she found Rocco, so this young lady was not well. But she was an animal lover, had an African Gray of her own, and did her best to rescue the lost African Gray high up in the tree. She actually would have liked to keep Rocco as a buddy for her own Gray, but she did the HONEST thing to try to find the owners and return their bird.

It took a friend of hers to help her search the ads and the internet a few weeks to locate the owners. Mr. & Mrs. Livingston were offering a nice $250 reward for the return of their precious bird.

The owners, it turned out, lived close to Amy in Parma, Ohio. They raced over to get their African Gray. They were very grateful, grabbed their bird, and left.

Sounds like a happy ending doesn't it??? Wrong.

It turned out that the happy owners stiffed Amy on a reward. Amy received nothing for all of her efforts. A friend called to congratulate the Livingstons on the return of their bird and Mrs. Livingston claimed that Amy
"refused" to accept the advertised reward (not true) so they just did not leave anything for her when they left. But they "might" get her a gift card later.

To this date Amy has NOT heard from these people.

Advertising a reward for a lost animal, getting the bird back happy and healthy, and then giving the rescuer nothing in return I think was absolutely shameful.

(I will gladly print a retraction, if Amy ever receives the promised "reward".)

I think this circumstance will ruin it for the next person who loses a valuable item.....

Moral of the story: It is possible to get your lost parrot back. But when you advertise a reward -- PAY IT to the honest person who returns the parrot back to you. That is money well spent!

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