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New Media & video (producer/creative director seeking job)


A few months back I moved to Europe, (from Atlanta USA), with my family in order to make it easier to find a job within the U.K.

I have worked for globally recognized companies such as Coca-Cola, WebMd, IXL, Andersen Consulting, In Touch Ministries, etc.

My experience in New Media has both breadth and depth. From Print to New Media integrating interactive media with broadcast.
Also working in the development of e-learning solutions in the creation of an on-line institute is one of most recent accomplishments.

Email me for a copy of my CV.

We live in Hungary because we have relatives here, however we can easily relocate and desire to move to the U.K.

With my wife's E.U. citizenship, I have permission to also work in the U.K.

I have worked in both Senior Producer and design/art director roles. (As well as New Media Team leader).

Thank you

Kind Regards

Mr. Dalen Johnson