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Re: Super Sunny Sheffield?

Way back in the 50's, when Sheffield was a bit grim (admit it!), a lad from Newcastle came to stay with us during his vacation whilst at N university. He had been assigned to one of the steelworks for his project.

I met him at the station (can't remember which though) and he went on about Sheffield being filthy etc. Well, he was partly right. However, he had to change his views during his stay at our house on the Parson Cross estate at Southey for a start. During weekends, we would go to various locations north, west and south and he finally had to admit Sheffield wasn't so ad after all!

Our favourite walk turned out to be the simplest - from Hunters Bar, through the park, west, and onward through woods and past waters.


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Replying to:

Someone at work just found out that I was from Sheffield. His comments were that Sheffield is horrible and grey, that he really doesn't like it! I was forced to throw tomatoes at him. Please post comments to refute his disgraceful claims and defend the beautiful city's honour!!