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Want to be on TV?

Channel 5 is looking for lively people for a new television documentary series called ‘Living With The In-Laws’. We are looking for couples who have some issues to resolve with their in-laws and are willing to stand the ultimate test and spend some "quality" time with them! Or perhaps you are a parent and want to get to build a better relationship with your son or daughter's partner.

You don’t have to be married, in fact you could be in a new relationship, the only requisite is that you would either like the opportunity to get to know your in-laws better and would like the chance to work out your differences after clashing in the past.

During each weekend you will share various activities that you enjoy: maybe you've always wanted to introduce your mother-in-law to fire-eating or perhaps you fancy going along to your son-in-law's weekly line-dancing session!

By way of a thank you - every couple who go to stay with their in-laws will be sent on a holiday in the sun worth £1200 or will receive the cash equivalent.

For more details please contact Jane on:

Tel: 0207 462 6703