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Re: Remembering Teror Teachers

At Firth Park Grammar was a teacher by the nickname Gags. He taught maths. Once had him for standby and he confirmed his reputation with a thick stick from up his sleeve. Searing hands!

Re: Remembering Teror Teachers

Never had Oggy to teach me(I think the nickname came from the registration number of his car). He was often seen pacing the halls of main school frightening people. Not sure when you attended. It was a comprehensive when I was there. However, what about Miss Bennett history) or Mrs Quine (art), Mrs Quine had a sight problem so when she looked at someone to shout she would look three feet to the left of the victim scaring the **** out of a whole row.

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Replying to:

Anyone care to share memories of terror teachers?

My memory is of Mr Jennett of Ecclesfield Grammar who made me sit at the front and would 'scutch' myself and a few others who may have incurred his displeasure.

He would ruefully say "la creme de la creme" when exasperated and shake his head.